Thanksgiving thoughts of thankfulness

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Mrs. Diane Jordan, a kindergarten teacher at Conewago Elementary School, Northeastern School District, submitted these thoughts of thankfulness on Nov. 16, 2012. She wrote, “My students drew pictures and dictated stories to tell what they are thankful for.”

I am thankful for …

… my family because they are nice! — Reydee Brush

… my house because it has windows to look out. — Emily Deusenberry

… my mommy because she helps me do fun things. — Greyson Soderberg

… my sister because she plays with me. — Rachel Theodore

… Mrs. Jordan because she is a good teacher. — Emma Lohss

… Sophia because she is my best friend. — Simi Pearse

… my friends because they play with me. — Delilah Patterson

… my puppy because I like to play with puppies. — Mychael Dallmeyer

… helping my mom pick up trash because it keeps our house clean. — Steven Beck

… my mom and dad because they take care of me. — Bryson Neri

… playing because it is fun. — Cheyenne Blackwell

… my dog because I like playing with them. — Abby Childress

… my dog because she licks me. — Tyler Wales

… my cat because I like to play with her. — Tanner Estep

… getting books because my mom reads to me. — Masin Starner

… me because I like me. — Jeffrey Hernandez-Muniz

… school because I learn. — Sedona Schreibman

… a tent because I like to play in it. — Autumn Dill

… my big book because it has lots of stories. — Drake Emenheiser

… my mom and dad because they are taking me to Disney World. — Sophia Roman

… books because I like to read. — Bryler Poteet

… my mom because she gets me ready for school. — Zoe Cochran