A cartoon tale from Ireland

Posted by on November 29, 2012 in Featured, Time for Comics | Comments Off

The Junior Dispatch  loves comics. So much so that we’ve been digging through the huge collection of free comics available at The Digital Comic Museum to find some of the best ones that we think kids will enjoy.

Today, we add another great piece into our own archive!

Below you can read “The Flute o’ McTootle” a neat little fairy tale from Ireland. It was originally presented in “Fairy Tale Parade” No. 1, a comic published by Dell Publishing Co. in 1942. The story was adapted and illustrated by Walt Kelly, a man who is considered one of the all-time great comic artists. He later went on to create and illustrate the world-famous “Pogo” newspaper comic. You can see several other issues of “Fairy Tale Parade” at The Digital Comic Museum. Most of the issues were illustrated by Kelly … and there are some really good stories in there!

For the rest of the story, click the images below.