A comic starring the smartest kid in the world

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The Junior Dispatch  loves comics. So much so that we’ve been digging through the huge collection of free comics available at The Digital Comic Museum to find some of the best ones that we think kids will enjoy.

Today, we add another great piece into our own archive!

Below you can read an episode of “The Brain” a story of a super-intelligent kid who’s pestered by some neighborhood tricksters. It was originally presented in “The Brain” No. 3, a comic published by Magazine Enterprises in 1957. “The Brain” was a nine-issue series, and named after its main character. “The Brain” is only a nickname, as the character’s real name is Benjamin Bang. The story was likely written and drawn by Dan DeCarlo, a man who is well known for his work on Archie Comics.

Read the entire story by clicking on the images below. (Actually, you have to click them, then click again to expand them to full size.)