‘The War’ by Eli Weary of DAIS

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Stephanie Weary submitted this story, written by her son, Eli Weary, a sixth-grader at Dallastown Area Intermediate School.

The War
By Eli Weary

Tyler and her friends, Jone and Jay, walked down the sidewalk. It was 2032 and the Northern American War was uprising, so everyone was supposed to join the Army, even kids. They were all given a patch to wear for ranks.

“Corporal!” Tyler winced, then whispered, “Oh well, I’ll get a promotion.”

They walked past bunches of kids as they went to find cabin number N2092. As they walked up to the door, they noticed that the window was broken and there was glass laying all over the grass. The room was dusty and drab. There were cobwebs in the corners of the ceiling. The floor creaked. The beds smelled musty and had a green tint to the fabric.

Tyler stared at the door that was in the middle of the wall. Out of curiosity, she opened the door and saw two boys sitting on beds that looked and smelled just as musty and damp as theirs. The boys shifted their attention to the silhouette in the doorway, “Welcome. Gary. Brad.” two boys said in harmony. She smiled to be kind and then backed out of the room.

Tyler turned around and looked back at the disgusting room. She took the broom that was resting on the side of the wall and the clean sheets that she had packed herself and got to work on cleaning up the room.

Exhausted from the cleaning, Tyler remembered the book that she had gotten from her mother on Christmas. She looked at the long ladder that connected to the bunk bed. She grabbed her book from her suitcase, climbed up and laid down to read before dinner. Her eyes started to get heavy, but she wanted to finish the chapter. She was losing herself. She closed her eyes and fall asleep… “BWONK!”

Tyler jolted up and struck her head on the ceiling.

Gary chortled as he started up the air horn once more, “BWEEONK!”

“Arrgh!” Jay muttered into his pillow.

“Go away!” squealed Jone pitching her pillow at Gary.

Brad caught the pillow and tossed it back, hitting her in the head. Tyler put her book in her pillowcase and threw it. Brad leaped over the pillow and it went on to hit Gary in the knee. Gary fell to the ground quivering as Brad picked up the pillowcase, snatched the book, and ripped the pages of “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens out, throwing them on the ground as if confetti.

Tears rolled down Tyler’s cheeks as she watched Brad rip up the book from her mother.

Brad ran into the next room. Gary hobbled behind with Tyler’s pillow in hand.

All of a sudden, they heard a bell ring three times. Tyler looked at the schedule. Three bells meant dinner. She decided that she would get her stuff back later.

That evening, when Tyler returned to her room, she noticed her pillow was back. She climbed the bunk bed ladder and saw someone had been poking holes in her bed with a pencil. She laid on her pillow and a green ooze seeped into her hair, adhering as if glue. She was sick of Gary and Brad’s corrupt behavior. She stomped to the drill sergeant’s office and told him everything that they had done.

Gary and Brad were to be held in the main office until they apologized, returned Tyler’s purse that they had stolen and wrote a 5,000 word essay on why they were there, but after the punishment they were still going strong. Gary fooled Jay to think he was promoted by bartering his patch, had Jone get in trouble for stealing Brad’s locket when he put it in her dresser himself.

Tyler knew she would be the next quarry. She tried to tell the drill sergeant, but she didn’t have proof like the ooze in her hair. She had to find something before she was targeted. She walked into the boys’ room and looked around for anything she could find. She saw a list hanging on Gary’s bulletin board.

It read, “1. Trick Jay into promotion. 2. Get Jone in trouble for stealing locket. 3. GOTCHA!”

Tyler looked around the room and saw eyes peering from behind the couch. She followed the long, slithering rope beside the couch that led over top of her. The bag emptied and she was covered in dirty socks and clothes. She heard footsteps and a door opening and closing. It had worked. The drill sergeant had walked in for his evening rounds to see Gary and Brad dancing on a pile of clothing.

“NO! GOT YOU!” said a small muffled voice that scared Gary and Brad.

Brad, petrified from the drill sergeant, raced out of the room. Gary started to fake cry that he was pressured by Brad to do it. The drill sergeant just laughed. Jone and Jay pulled the clothes off of Tyler as she fought the smelly heap. The drill sergeant thanked them and pulled Gary by his ear out of the room. Tyler smirked as she walked through the open door to her room. She knew she could outsmart those boys again if she needed to.


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