Praying for more snow

Posted by on January 7, 2013 in Dallastown Area Intermediate School | 0 comments

winter snow clipartMrs. Michele Shaffer, a Grade 5 language arts teacher at Dallastown Area Intermediate School, submitted this poem.

Winter Prayer
By Erin N.

Oh thanks for the soft white blankets of snow
And give us no worries that it has to go
With bright by day and dark by night
There is nothing here that there is to fright

Before the daisies were here to grow
Now that takes its place is bright white snow
Bringing joy to the world with sledding and such
Followed by more cocoa and by more I mean much

Avoiding the cold inside with a fire
And the temperatures seem to grow much hotter
The lakes are frozen with the fishes down below
Out in the distance I see the coming of more snow

Thank you, thank you, I thank you so
For giving me joy for more and more snow
I love the sight of snow falling down
Looking so pretty until it falls to the ground

Oh thanks for the white blankets of snow
And give us no worries that it has to go

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