Iditarod Fast-Fact: Keep away from that moose

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jd-iditarod-logoYou have to trust us on this: The Iditarod has some really crazy rules.

And Rule 34 has to be the strangest:

In the event that an edible big game animal, i.e., moose, caribou, buffalo, is killed in defense of life or property, the musher must gut the animal and report the incident to a race official at the next checkpoint. Following teams must help gut the animal when possible. No teams may pass until the animal has been gutted and the musher killing the animal has proceeded. Any other animal killed in defense of life or property must be reported to a race official, but need not be gutted.

This rule is reflecting on just how crazy the Alaskan wilderness can get.

Basically it says that if a moose wanders into your path and stomps some of your dogs, and it looks like it plans on stomping even more dogs, then you probably need to shoot it dead.

Further, the rule says, if you do shoot that moose dead, then you’ve got to cut all of its guts out so it doesn’t get all nasty. Even worse, any other racer who comes across you doing so has to stop and wait until you’re done doing it.

So what is the purpose of this rule? We figure it’s been made to make sure mushers don’t just shoot and kill anything that comes near them — you know, just in case those wild beasts were thinking of stomping on your dogs. By making the gutting of the animal mandatory, the act of killing something becomes time consuming and gives your competitors a chance to catch up to you.

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