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Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Kayleigh Pokrivka
Age: 14

“Among the stormy seas, far out in the middle of the ocean, lightning crashed. The ship rocked. Gigantic white clouds of canvas sails were pelted with sleet and rain. An exhausted crew attempted to pull the mighty sails of the Black Knight in until the storm has ceased. The boat rocked back and forth, swaying like a baby’s cradle, only more violently. With each rock, water poured over the sides of the deck. Those not pulling in the sails were taking buckets and trying their hardest to get rid of the water flowing into their ship. Its bow shook with terror as a giant bolt of lightning hit the deck, sending a shower of splinters over the crew, killing some.

‘Heave! Ho!’ Everything was black. Men were being thrown overboard left and right. The rain was so strong. They needed to get the remaining sails in before they all tore in two, leaving them stranded in the water. Working forcefully against the mighty winds and heavy precipitation, they got the sails in. A few let out a thankful cheer. Their cheerfulness didn’t last long beca-“
“Grandpa! Grandpa!” Mikey and Evan Andrews, the grandchildren of Jack Andrews were sitting criss-cross on the floor of their grandfather’s living room. A fire was blazing in the corner to keep light in the room. Earlier in the day the lights went out because of a severe thunder storm. The twins had requested, begged and pleaded, to hear a story. A pirate story to be exact. The boys were in that stage where they wore their pirate outfits everywhere.

Contest artwork by Zachary Pual.

Contest artwork by Zachary Pual.

Currently Mikey and Evan had on their pirate gear which consisted of an eye patch for each boy, a peg leg for Mikey, Evan was wearing a huge ‘captain’ hat that kept on falling in front of his eyes. They both had a sword sitting beside them, which earlier they were using to try and defeat the other. Mikey had a bandanna covered with sharks. They both were happy, excited little boys, unlike their sister, Marcy.

“Grandpa! Evan is poking me again!” Evan had his play sword out and he was pretending to ‘kill’ Mikey; because he was the ‘bad’ guy. Marcy sat, bored out of her mind. She had no cellphone or Internet to distract herself from the annoyance she called her brothers, so she was slightly crabby.

Jack smiled kindly at his grandchildren. “Boys, listen to the story. We are getting to the good part.” He gave the boys a wink and then paused. “Where was I again?”

Marcy groaned. “Grandpa… We were at the part where the sailors had finally got the sails in so they don’t rip.”

“Ah yes, thank you Marcy.

Working forcefully against the mighty winds and heavy precipitation, they got the sails in. A few let out a thankful cheer. Their cheerfulness didn’t last long because there was a sickening crack and the mask of the ship cracked in two, and only a small support beam held it from crashing down unto the men below. Suddenly, the rain eased. The lightning dimmed. And there, on the horizon, was land. A small island. They had finally reached their destination. Heading to shore, they anchored the ship and started their trek across the sandy beach. The might pirates eventually found a small cave, four hundred paces west of the crooked coconut tree. Inside was gold. Mounds and mounds of gold and silver, as well as sparkling gems. In the center was a chest. They had found multiple keys over the years and there was only a slight chance they had the correct one. The one to open the chest nobody has opened for a few hundred years.

‘Gentlemen!’ The captain turned his men’s attention away from the chest. ‘Whoever has the key to this chest will be greatly rewarded.’ The men started to frantically search every crease and crevice on their body that the key could be in. They all lined up to see if their key would fit into the key hole. With each failure the captain was getting more and more angry. This caused him to turn away, in fear that they traveled all this way for nothing.

Suddenly a small voice rang loud and clear. The two simple words the captain wanted to hear. ‘Got it.’ The young boy, only about twelve, slipped the key in and turned it to the right. They heard a click. A very satisfying click. A click to show them that they may have success.

The captain walked up and kicked the lid off. The gold coins shined in the light. The ancient treasure glistened. They paid no heed to the curse and took the chest out to their ship. But they never realized they would never leave the island. Soon after the treasure was put onto the ship, another ship took fire at The Black Knight. They were ambushed and the ship was murdered with its crew all on board. The captain watched the slaughter, knowing this was the curse. And the captain went down with his mutilated ship. The treasure sinking as well to the bottom, among the scattered carcass’ and bones of the ship and crew, now not buried in sand, but in water, blood, and wood.”

As the story was being finished, the lights slowly flickered back on. Mikey and Evan cheered for the ending but Marcy cheered for the electricity. Jack smiled because he knew he had made these two boys’ days, and that deep down, Marcy enjoyed this story too. This was Jack favorite story because; his great-great-grandfather was the captain of the Black Knight. The captain who led his whole crew and precious ship to the bottom of the ocean. Never to be seen again.

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