Monkeys: A Sonnet

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Monkeys: A Sonnet
By:  Jonathan Atkinson, Homeschool, Grade 2
I love monkeys because they are so fun!
Monkeys are so happy and friendly.
I really, really wish that I had one.
They’re wild but they could never offend me.
Of all the mammals, monkeys are so cool,
I love to see them swing from tree to tree.
It’s good that they don’t have to go to school,
They get to play all day with their Mommy.
My Mom says I can’t have one as a pet,
I’ll keep on begging until she lets me.
I haven’t managed to convince her yet,
But I’ve just really got to have a monkey.
When I am 23, I’ll move away,
And with 100 monkeys I will play.