Contest entry: The Dungeon of Baramond

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Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Grace Good
Age 12, Hanover

Windsong, the daughter of a shopkeeper and my friend, wondered how long it would be before the dungeon key would be found. Her father’s business had suffered terribly since the key was originally stolen, and now Baramond was considered to be dangerous, I wrote in my journal. Then I flipped its leather cover overtop the words and bound it with a scrap of twine my father, Treeheart, had given to me. I stood up, mounted Loosefoot, my trusty mare, and bounded off towards home. Earlier today, I’d been to the market with my father’s carvings. Being a woodcarver, his works were selling, but barely. Nobody had much use for novelties, and the tools and furniture he made everyone seemed to have. I reached our cottage and entered with a brisk knock. Inside, I found Echo, my brother; Blossom, my mother; and Pado, the village storyteller. Mother and Pado were working in the kitchen. I grinned. Pado was my favorite guest. He made up new stories, but kept the old in case someone, like me, decided they’d like to hear one.

“Hello, Pado. Hello, Mother,” I greeted them. “What’s for supper?”

“Hello, Whisper. Tonight we will have a loaf of nut bread, your favorite; cheese, and some spicy beef chili. Pado will help me prepare supper, so please fetch your father,” my mother ordered.

“Of course,” I curtsied to them. “Good-bye, Pado.”

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Contest entry: Buried Treasure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Giovanni Silimperi
Age 6

Chapter 1 — The Pirates gold

A long time ago there was a men pirate who always wanted the treasure.

He wanted gold and gems. He also wanted dimens.

The men pirate had a crow.

The crow was very nice.

Chapter 2 — The seashell

The next day the pirate found a shell and the shell pinched him. The pirate screamed, ow!!!!!

The crow heard. The crow came to see what was going on.

Chapter 3 — Found it

The pirate searched for many days. Then he found it, yay!!!!

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Contest entry: The Brave Pirate

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Chelsea Ezibe
Age 10

Once upon a time, there was an island named Pirate’s Eye. On that island there lived a weakling pirate, named Johnny. He was the only pirate that didn’t steal treasure from other ships, he didn’t lie, and he didn’t kidnap anybody. As weak as Johnny is, he comes from a family of extremely notorious pirates. Captain hook is his great, great, great, great grandfather. Johnny’s father, One-Eyed Berk, always had high expectations for his son, but Johnny didn’t want to steal from people; he wanted to be a hero. How he would tell his father that, Johnny didn’t know.

“Dad, can I go to the library this afternoon,” Johnny asked.

“NO!” Berk said. “You are a pirate, and pirates don’t read. You’re nineteen, Johnny. When are you ever going to grow up?” Berk smoothed back his perfect pirate hair. “There’s a hunt for the great treasure this Thursday. Care to join, mate?”

“Nah,” Johnny refused. “I’d rather not.”

“Oh. Well, I already signed you up for the young pirate training this month,” said Berk guiltily.

“You did what?” Johnny said, angrily.

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Contest entry: The Legend of the Lost Treasure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Charles Ezibe
Age 10

It’s a warm day today. We pirates were taking a walk when I saw a cave. I’ve walked through this path a bunch of times and I’ve never seen a cave there before. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my captain. I don’t know why I didn’t say anything. I mean, I know the captain is a nice guy and a good leader who looks out for his crew, but this is one secret I’d prefer to keep to myself.

Later that day, I went back to that same spot. Shockingly, the cave was gone. “I could have sworn it was right there!” I said.

“What was right here?” said my friend, Max.

I nearly jumped out of my socks. “For the love of cheesecakes, don’t do that to me, man! You know that I don’t like it when people sneak up behind me.”

“Yeah, and you also don’t like it when people chew with their mouths open,” he commented.

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Contest entry: Pirates

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Allie Patera
Age 7
Once upon a time there was a pirate crew the captain was called Cranky she was a girl.

Every day they got poorer and poorer so Cranky decided to find treasure.

By Allie Patera

By Allie Patera

So they looked every ware to find a bottle with a map in it one day they did find one it told them ware it was but not the kind?

When they were almost there the killers cam red pirah has put a hole in the ship than a pirate took the safety boat and fixed the hole.

Then allagaters sourowned the ship but Cranky kept going.

After five minutes they were there.

But the bushs bited them. Monsters poped out to fight. But the pirates jumped over the bushs fighted the monsters and went on there way.

But the island confused them there was just an a not an x So they diged there and they soon found a treasure box of dimonds and rubys. So they live happily ever after. The end.

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Contest entry: The Treasure of the Upson

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Tristan Albert
Age 16

Captain Venues walked toward the room where the stowaway was being kept. Actually his real name was Donald, but what kind of pirate captain was called Donald? Venues, the pirate who can raid any place and get away. The only pirate who has been in every sea and island in Atherias. Only Charlie, his first mate, knew his real name. And he was dead now. This is getting out of hand. The sound of the crew above was heard. It was muffled but audible. He braced himself at the door, knowing he was going to have to kill the boy, then stepped in. The boy was strapped to a chair with ropes. He looked like a strong lad. About fourteen or fifteen. He didn’t appear to be scared, or worried. Venues liked that. Under normal circumstances he would have asked the stowaway if he wanted to join the pirate crew and see the world. But Venues was in anything but normal circumstances.

“I was told,” he said to the boy. “That you crept onto my ship at the last port while my men were drun… asleep.” Venues didn’t like the fact that his crew was drunk that night. He had enough problems as it is. The boy smiled. It was hard to read.

“Yes. I thought it was just a cargo ship on its way to Ginniva. My cousin lives near that port and I figured no one would find me. I didn’t know this was a pirate ship.” Venues sighed.

“You shouldn’t stow away on any ship, boy. Pirate or not.”

“Yes…” the boy thought for a second, “sir.” Venues smiled.

“You seem like a good mannered boy. Got any parents?”

“No sir. I’m an orphan. I ran away. I’m going to my cousins-”

“You already said that.” Venues began to pace. “But here’s the thing, I’m not going to Ginniva.” The boy caught his breath.

“You’re not?”

“No. I’m sailing to lainms.”


“Yes. It’s a Gurytic island three days south from Connamas, the last port we were in.” “That means we’ll be there in two days.”

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Contest entry: Buried treasure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Evelyn Bortner
Age 8

Once upon a time on a ship sailing far away to the island of buried treasure lived a pirate crew. The captain of the ship was Mary Jane. She was smart, brave, and funny. When she was sailing to the island of buried treasure she saw eight giant octopus arms. “Everyone, get your swords because we’ve got an octopus to fight!” she said to her crew. After the octopus heard that he dove into the sea and was never seen again. That night when Mary Jane was sleeping she was worried that there would be no buried treasure or anything. Even though her younger sister Amanda was coming along she didn’t want to let anyone down. In the morning there was a big storm. Soon after the storm had started, Amanda realized there was a hole in the boat! She tried calling for help but over all of the noise nobody could hear her. Just before the water reached her mouth, she quickly ran onto the deck and yelled “Everybody there’s a hole in the boat!” Mary Jane and her crew quickly repaired the hole in the boat and everybody was safe again! After the storm Mary Jane thanked Amanda for telling her about the hole in the boat.

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Contest entry: The Dead Man’s Treasure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Catherine Zell
Age 13

A few years ago, there was a very poor man who called himself “The Amazing Pirate.” He told me this story that didn’t make any sense to me until he died, and it was called The Dead Man’s Treasure. It took him about two years until he finished it, because he would always get sidetracked and start to explain things to me I already knew. I didn’t want to be mean to him, so I listened.

Two years ago, that poor man got captured by some pirates and here’s how it happened. The poor man was telling me the last part of The Dead Man’s Treasure when sonic nasty, dirty pirates stopped by here, at York, Pennsylvania, to get eighteen kegs of beer to celebrate for the fourth of July. They must have been on their way to the bar when they heard the poor man say the word “treasure” and started to run after us. The man and I ran as fast as we could until the poor man started to slow down.

I looked back and right before they had him he said, “Run, Catherine, my destiny is done here but I can be my amazing pirate now! I hope we meet again!” I was hoping the same thing, too!
Last year, I was walking the shores of Rehoboth Beach and guess what? I found a life boat with the same poor old man that told me the story of The Dead Man’s Treasure. He was barely alive, but at least he was alive. Next to him was a note with a key and a treasure chest.

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Contest entry: Pirate Adventure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Fiona Knight
Age 9

Once a long time ago there was a pirate. Her name Erin. Her family lived in the Carbiean.

One day she was sent on a treasure hunt. The map she had said she had to go to Hawii. She was so happy that tears wanted to come out of her eyes but she woulden’t let them. So she headed to the harbor to her ship.

By Fiona Knight

By Fiona Knight

After she got on her ship she set to sea. When she was half way throw her trip there was a whirl pool and a horrible storm. She was lucky that she maid it throw the storm and the whirl pool.

Once she maid it to Hawii she looked for the treasure but she couldn’t find it. Finally she looked at the edge of Hawii and she found it! It was full of gold and dimonds but at the bottom there was another map! This one said the treasure was in the Carbiean.

She was exited. On the way back to the Carbiean there was a terrible blizzard. Erin almost died but she didn’t.

Once she was at the Carbiean she went to the beach and started to dig. Once she was 12 ft. in the sand she found the treasure. It was full of riches so Erin gave the riches to the poor. They thanked her with a parade. Then she felt like a queen.

The End!

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Contest entry: Treasure island

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Lachlan Keen Gemmill Edwards
Age 6

One morning I found a treasure map on my desk. I told my friends about that map. Then we went down to our car and packed our shovel and our map.

Then we climbed in then drove off following the map.

Suddenly we were lost. We also lost the maps direction.

Then we found our way back and stayed on the trail.

Then 1 mile later we found the treasure.

We found the treasure by the street.

We dug it up.

It was deep.

By Lachlan Edwards

By Lachlan Edwards

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Contest entry: The Adventures of the Monkeys

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Avery Oles
Age 7

Once upon a time there lived four little monkeys. Their names were Bob, Muck, Ashley, and Alison. They all lived in a tiny tree. They called it the family tree.

Every morning a monkey would go get water for everyone, and one monkey would get food. They were silly, silly monkeys.

One day, they decided to go on an adventure. They will go where no monkey had gone before: to the dragon’s cave! It is a very, very, very dangerous journey. First, the monkeys have to go through the turning tunnel. Next, the monkeys have to go over cannon ball arch. Next, they have to swing across the river. Finally, the monkeys climb the tallest mountain. At the top, the monkeys will find the cave. In it will be the big, nasty, slimy dragon that is fearless.

All of the monkeys thought that this was a good idea so everyone packed their bags and said goodbye to the family tree. One by one they headed off to start their adventure. They went to the turning tunnel. Next, they went to the cannon ball arch. They swung across the river with the vines. Finally, they made it to the mountain. Now, they just had to climb it, but it was getting too dark. Soon, there would be no light in town. How would they ever make it in time?

Then, one monkey had an idea. They would go set up their tents and camp until tomorrow morning. Then, they would climb the mountain. Soon, everyone had gone to bed, and it got quiet.

The next morning, they climbed up the tallest mountain. When they got to the top, they went into the dragon’s cave. The dragon was asleep so they stole the treasure that he was guarding. They dashed out of the cave and started home.
When they got home, they opened their treasure and lived happily ever after.

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Contest entry: The treasure

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Keira Devor
Age 8

One day some pirates where on a ship they had a map that lead to treasure. it was a very windy day the head pirate was holding the map because the wind was so heavy the map flew out of the pirates hand the head pirates of course.

The head pirate said go faster, how said the other pirate the wind is to heavy go faster. we half to go faster to get to the treasure because another group of pirates are after the treasure to.” said the head pirate. What group of pirates caption. Its just another group of pirates like us Luke. I’m just going to lead the ship to the treasure. Then get on it. Where 4 miles away from the treasure We’ll be at the treasure by tomorrow morning captain. OK the needs to go faster so the other pirates don’t get to the treasure first. Were going faster.

1 hour later the pirates see dark clouds its starts pouring down rain the pirates don’t bather to go in the house on the ship and stand and fix things on the ship. The rain does not bather the pirates the captain say two miles away the rain got harder and the ship got slippery the pirates got wetter the pirate went inside except the co-captain the pirates herd thunder and lightning. They wee brave the pirates went out in hail the hurt sometimes when it hailed even more. Then it stopped raining they were at the treasure the end

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Contest entry: Story Time

Buried-Treasure-entrantBy Kayleigh Pokrivka
Age: 14

“Among the stormy seas, far out in the middle of the ocean, lightning crashed. The ship rocked. Gigantic white clouds of canvas sails were pelted with sleet and rain. An exhausted crew attempted to pull the mighty sails of the Black Knight in until the storm has ceased. The boat rocked back and forth, swaying like a baby’s cradle, only more violently. With each rock, water poured over the sides of the deck. Those not pulling in the sails were taking buckets and trying their hardest to get rid of the water flowing into their ship. Its bow shook with terror as a giant bolt of lightning hit the deck, sending a shower of splinters over the crew, killing some.

‘Heave! Ho!’ Everything was black. Men were being thrown overboard left and right. The rain was so strong. They needed to get the remaining sails in before they all tore in two, leaving them stranded in the water. Working forcefully against the mighty winds and heavy precipitation, they got the sails in. A few let out a thankful cheer. Their cheerfulness didn’t last long beca-“
“Grandpa! Grandpa!” Mikey and Evan Andrews, the grandchildren of Jack Andrews were sitting criss-cross on the floor of their grandfather’s living room. A fire was blazing in the corner to keep light in the room. Earlier in the day the lights went out because of a severe thunder storm. The twins had requested, begged and pleaded, to hear a story. A pirate story to be exact. The boys were in that stage where they wore their pirate outfits everywhere.

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