A boom, a crash and a bang

Stacie Savoca, a seventh-grader at Elizabethtown Middle School, Lancaster County, was asked to write a 15-stanza ballad on a current event for her communication arts class. This is her result.

Catastrophic Japanese Earthquake

It was a normal day,
That fateful hour,
When disaster struck our way,
It left with nothing in our power.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,
The ground began to shake,
The ground seemed to falter,
For it was an earthquake.

“What is going on,” I murmured,
“I pray someone tell me.”
Skyscrapers sway, highways crack,
All I want to do is flee.

After ten minutes of pure terror,
I felt shocked and unnerved.
Why us? Why now?
This fate is undeserved.

I try to stay strong like a rock,
It’s very hard though.
After all, will there be an aftershock?
I hope not, but I don’t know.

With a boom, a crash, and a bang,

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