For Kid Scoop fans: Some amazing snake videos

This week’s Kid Scoop focuses on snakes, and snakes are definitely a topic that people love to explore at YouTube. Now if you get a little queasy when it comes to snakes, don’t click on any of these videos.

This video takes a look at some of the biggest snakes in the world and how difficult it can be to keep them as pets. You’ll also see them as they are fed. Just so you know, the rabbits being used are already dead.

In this video, a Burmese python takes on an American alligator. Watch what happens in this amazing video.

In this National Geographic video, a mongoose battles a cobra.

This video gives some basic tips on drawing a snake. It’s a long video, but you will get some good results.

If you’re still interested in drawing snakes, check out this video on how to make scales look real. Also applies to people who like to draw dragons!

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