The Race

Parent submission, July 20, 2010
By Sabrina Kyle
Age 12, Bermudian Springs Middle School

Long ago in the Galapagos lslands, lived Penguin. He believed he was the best flyer there ever was. He was the quickest flying bird on the lsland. Penguin coutd soar gracefully in the sky. He would go around telling everyone that he was the best.

The one bird he teased the most, though, was Goose. He would tell her that she was slow and he could out-fly her with his eyes closed. She was sad and when Penguin saw it he challenged her to a race.

Goose accepted the challenge and Penguin told everyone to come see him win. Every animal on the island went to watch the race and were all excited.

Goose and Penguin went in the sky and got ready, They got set and went, Penguin was winning and then everyone was shocked when Goose caught up on to him.

They stayed tied with each other until Penguin did an awful thing. Penguin swerved into Goose’s lane and pushed her. She fell far behind and Penguin passed the finish line.

Everyone knew he cheated, but they didn’t say anything. Everyone went away and left Goose and Penguin alone together.

Goose asked Penguin why he cheated, but he told her he didn’t know what she was talking about, Goose flew away and Penguin felt proud. He laughed at Goose while she flew away.

Aero, the goddess of flight, was very upset with Penguin’s behavior. While Penguin was asleep, Aero came into his dream and told him to stop teasing Goose.

The next morning Penguin was flying in the sky and saw Goose. He went up to her and started laughing at her and telling her that she was the slowest flyer, ever.

Then something very strange happened. All of a sudden, Penguin started plummeting to the ground. He landed safely on his feet, but when he tried to get back up in the air, he couldn’t! Penguin waddled around confused and scared.

Meanwhlle Goose was up in the sky, staring down at him looking worried.

Aero came down frorn the heavens. She went to Penguin and told him that he was being punished for teasing Goose and bragging all the time. She told him that his punishrnent was that he could only get around by waddling. Then she disappeared.

Penguin was very sad when he found out that he had lost his special talent. Penguin then was the slowest bird on the island.

Goose was always nearby, staring at Penguin in disbelief. Every time Penguin saw Goose, he thought of all the awfuf things he had done to her.

Penguin came to Goose one day and said something to her that took her breath away.

He apologized for everything he ever did to her. She was very happy and accepted his apology.

Penguin left and felt happy. He was at his home when something incredible happened. The goddess, Aero, and Poseidon, the god of the sea, came to Penguin. They told him that since his apology to Goose was so sincere, they would give hirn a new ability. He was so thrilled and glad to know that all he had to do was be nice and keep his promise and he could
have a new talent.

Aero and Paseidon told Penguin that his new ability was that he could zoom through the sea. He was so ecstatic when he found out that he could swim. They also told him that they would put a constellation in the sky in honor of his truthfulness.

He thanked thern and went back to see Goose. He told her about what had happened and they were both very happy.

Goose was happy for Penguin, but Penguin wasn’t only happy that he could swim, he was happy he finally had a friend.

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