Stories from Mrs. Roberto’s class

Catherine Roberto submitted these stories (April 7, 2009), written by students in her first-grade class at Dallastown Elementary.

The Little Girl
By Haylea Beatty
One day there was a little girl. She was walking in the woods. She saw a witch. She just saw her hat when she came over and the witch said “Boo!” to the little girl!
The little girl ran away all the way home.
Then she took a cat nap. When she woke up she saw her mom and dad.
She looked out her window and she saw a fox!
She ran down the stairs and told her dad and mom.
They said, “Shoo shoo!”
Later the little girl ate a sandwich for lunch. She ate at a café. She loved their food so much. At the cafe she met a prince. He was handom. So when she grew up she mareyd him. They had a wedding and she was the brighd. They both lived in a castel and loved ech other so so much. Also they loved living in the castel and the witch never saw them again!! THE END

My New Toy
By Austin Wire
One day I got a toy. It was a very cool toy. I liked the toy. I played with it a lot. I played with the toy out side. I played with it everywhere! I loved that toy!

Brain Gym at Dallastown Elementary
By Audrey Peri
Do you like Brain Gym? I do. We can jump on a mat like a frog. Then we walk on a balance beam. We bounce a ball. I think Brain Gym is fantastic.

By Kylee
I have a cat. His name is Garfield. He plays with me! He is orange with stripes. He lives out doors. Garfield sleeps in the garage. My cat has lots of toys. He is a stray. Garfield likes to drink milk or water. He eats wet food or dry food mixed with milk. Garfield has a Santa suit! He is Santa for Christmas. He loves me and my dad. I love Garfield!

My cat
By Chris
Do you have a cat? I do! My cat is named Saty May! My cat is in my room most of the time. She plays with a cat toy. Mostly she plays with Lala. They play cat and mouse! She sleeps with me sometimes. I love my cat because she is cute. And because she is nice.

By Zachary Hauri
My first dog is named Midnight. Midnight always gets food and brings it into the living room and eats it on the rug. I also have another dog called Princess. Princess grails at Midnight allot. Princess’s foot hurts because she bumped it on the table. I love my dogs because they are cute and sometimes they come into my room at night.

St. Patrick’s Day
By Hannah Berkebile
Do you know when St Patrick’s Day is? Well I do. It was the night before St Patrick’s Day. I set up traps and every thing I could think of. That night I heard a little squeak saying help. I hurried over there and quick picked up a leprechaun. I said “You’re trapped!”
“Oh please let me go’’ he begged.
“No” I said.
“Fine then I’ll bite your nose”
“Oh no! You won’t” I said
“You know I’m really tricky”. He told me.
And then with that he ran off. I chased him and I got him. “Mother help me” he screamed “This girl won’t let me go” “Coming sweetie” She swished her magic wand. The wind started to blow. Then it was absolutely still. And with that they were gone.
I started to cry. Then the mom said “Bye bye” and I said “Bye bye I love you”
“Me too” she replied
“Come on” she said to her son.
“Ok.” he said.
They lived happily ever after.

Rayman Beach Enemies
One day there was a video game person named Rayman. He was on vacation. He went to Bunny Rabbits Beach. The next day he saw his enemies on the beach! They had a robits and laserblazers!. “All I have is a Plungerblazer”. Says Rayman.
“ A plunger for a sword? I can not fight them all alone!”
Then a kind person helped him. Finally they won and that was the end of the bunnies.

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If I were President

Mrs. Catherine Roberto, a first-grade teacher at Dallastown Elementary, submitted stories (Jan. 23, 2009) her students wrote about being the president.

If I Were President …
By President William
If I Were President I Would open toys R us forever!! Next I would save the day like Spider-man. I would also clean up the house. Good luck!

If I Were President …
By President Aaron
I wood send the bad people away. Next I would make more mony. I would also make gas cheaper. Finally I would stop fiting with other Countries.

If I Were President …
By President Adam Polli
I would bring the U.S. Armey home!! Next help pepol feel better in the hospital. I would also help othr people. Finally I would make the world a betler plas to be!

If I Were President …
By President Connor Ort
Dear Barack Obama,
I would help everyone. I would also help people after a hurricane. I would also help the army. Last I would give money to people that do not have money.

If I Were President …
By President Hannah
I would buy things for people. Next I would traviel around the world and give peple water who needed it. I would also give people munny. Finally I would do my work.

If I Were President …
By President James
If I was the president I would make gas prices lower. Next I would give people money. I would also help cops catch the crimunls. Finally I would get people houses.
Congratultions Barack Obama!

If I Were President …
By President Solomon
Dear Barack Obama,
I would send help. Next I would lower mony prises. I would also help the environment. Finally I would feed the poor! Good luck!

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A Surprise

Mrs. Catherine Roberto submitted this story (Jan. 19, 2009), written by one of her first-grade students at Dallastown Elementary School.

A Surprise
By Audrey P.

Ding! The bell rang. All the kids went running outside. Then Audrey and Tianna stopped.
“I think that their is something that we were supposed to remember!” said Audrey.
“Oh, it is Mrs. Robertos birthday!” said Tianna.
“We better tell everybody!” said Audrey. She went to tell Adam, Shelby, Connor, Aleisha, Aaron, Evan, and Maddison. Tianna went to tell Haylea, Justin, Jacob Hannah, Kayla, Zachary, Will, Solomon, Kylee and Christopher.
Some brought balloons and others brought presents for Mrs. Roberto. Me and Tianna brought the creamy cake with sugar icing. We all got to school really early and set up the party! … When Mrs. Roberto came in to the room she screamed! And the rest of the day was magnificent!

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