Free verse from Hannah Penn

Ms. Angila Kirkessner, a sixth-grade communication arts teacher at Hannah Penn Middle School, submitted these free verse poems from “one of my very inspired future book authors.”

By Kelvin Colon
Subject: Mindfulness

There’s more to life than me.

Saw a feather on the ground today.

Remembered that there’s more to life than I can see.

When I’m trapped inside this bubble that is my world…

Sometimes I am unaware that there’s more to life than me.

By Kelvin Colon
Subject: Mindfulness

If there is a third world I must exist in the second.

Seems I’m neither here nor there.

Living on a stairway that leads neither up or down.

Sometimes wondering how long the second world will be around.

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MP2 honor rolls at Hannah Penn

Hannah Penn Middle School students who were named to honor rolls for the second marking period of the 2010-2011 school year are:


Grade 8: Joshua Mackley, Rayne Dickson and Shani Thomas.

Grade 7: Abigail Acevedo and Danielle Dubbs.

Grade 6
: Jose Alvarado, Domanique Ilgenfritz and Lisa Nguyen.


Grade 8: Ensely Arocho, Brenda Calixto-Morales, Alexis Dowling, Bryce Kruger, Kearra Mines, Karina Ortiz-Gomez, Courtney Senft, Tianna Sexton, Natalie Sola-Garcia, Brittany Troup and Keeshon Washington.

Grade 7: Malaisha Banks, Salona Brown, Christine Castillo, Josfel Castro, Regina Clodfelter, Tyler Colon, Kaia Copeland, Madeline Dominguez-Rodriguez, Desiree Edmonds, Makayla Grothe, Trina Jackson and Tia’Juana Murray.

Grade 6: Karen Alonso-Navarette, Esperanza Alvarez, Rachel Beard, Kalonji Emile, Tatiana Gallero, Rosangely Garrastegui Irizarry, Melody Maldonado, Emoni Perkiss, Samuel Rodriguez-Habana, Manuel Salgado-Miranda, Christian Ritter, Jessica Vu, Bryce Swearingen, Dalila Vu and Christopher Whack.

Grade 5: Luisannia Aguero, Elizabeth Arnett, Marcus Banks, Sincer Carter, Dior Edmonds, Shyheim Freeland, Zane Garrison, Isamar Grenea-Lopez, Azhane Green, Alfonso King, Taylor Madge, Logan Masenheimer, Nadya Matthews, Angel Olavarria-Pagan, Kaile Oyler, Julio Pascual, Brian Perez, Kaliyah Raffensberger, Michelle Rivera, Yarelis Rivera, Kathyangerissa Rivera Diaz, Marion Ross, Yaxel Santiago-Rodriguez, Quaisear Simmons, Louis Smith, Teresita Squire, Katalina Svay, Kiara Tiru, Tiffany Tollinche, Alexis Tomes, Kimberly Valentine-Jimenez, Chevele Wickard and Amiyah Woodard.

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Changes by President Muhammad

Ms. Angie Kirkessner, a character education teacher at Hannah Penn Middle School, York City School District, submitted this essay (Jan. 26, 2009), written by one of her seventh-grade students.

If you were elected as President of the United States of America what would you change about our present conditions regarding our country? List a minimum of 5 things.

Topic: President of the United States
By Malachi Muhammad
Grade 7
Hannah Penn Middle School

1. I would change our gang problems because where I am from gangs are basically everywhere around where we live. I mean it is so rough around here that you cannot go outside because you run the risk of losing your life. That is why I want to change our neighborhoods to eliminate the dangers associated with gangs.

2. I would also change our economic struggles because I come from a house that does not have a lot of money and I understand what it is like to not get what you wanted for Christmas or for your birthday. I do not want anyone else to experience what I have.

3. I would also change our problems surrounding warfare. I am opposed to the idea of people fighting over stupid things such as oil and land.

4. I would also change our environmental problems and mandate recycling to produce pencils, paper, and other items.

5. I would improve our school funding programs because I believe that all students (especially inner city students) deserve better equipment such as up-to-date textbooks, pencils, and computers. You really have to care about schools to improve the quality of education they provide.

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