Kid Scoop: my sculpture

These stories were submitted to the Junior Dispatch by Kid Scoop, a Newspapers in Education program at the York Newspaper Co.


I would carve a unicorn throwing up sparkles and I would detail really well. The unicorn would be running away from nothing! The unicorn would be pregnant with a girl. She will have high heels on! It would be pink and blue. She will be happy and giggley, like me. She’ll have 3 other children! — By Sophie/Sophia Noelle Spangler, 3rd grade, Miss Rhodes, Hayshire Elementary


From the classroom of Mr. Richcrick, Grade 4, Fishing Creek Elementary School

If I carved a sculpture it would be a sculpture of Tom Brady because he has the same birthday as me. It is August 3rd. — By Jaden Henline

I would sculpt a tree so I could have a mini tree. — By Gabby Messenger

If I carved a sculpture, it would be a giant panda because I love them and I would surround it in bamboo. I would donate the money to help pandas not go extinct. — By Everest Robinson

If I could sculpt a sculpture it would be like a turtle. It would be wooden. — By Hannah Culp

My sculpture would look like Pichachu. It would have a big tail and long ears. It would like nice. — By Skylar Diegel

I’d sculpt a giant Sponge bob. It would be soft, yellow, and awesome. Kids could climb on it. It would be fun. — By Patrick McCullough

My latest sculpture will include the Patriot mascot. It will allow my effort the time will be two weeks. I get free Patriots’ tickets now. — By Trevor Henderson

A deer to represent nature. — By Cayden Healy

I would carve a big bunny that’s fluffy. — By Madison Dicely

If I could carve a sculpture, I would make it look like the hunger games Simple. — By Chase Gillis

My sculpture would be a cute monkey holding a banana in the jungle. — By Caylynn Beinhower

If I could carve a sculpture it would be a ballerina wearing a tutu dancing the tango. The tutu would be purple. She would have a blue rose in her mouth. She would have black hair. — By Mia Christensen

If I could carve a sculpture it would be a panther with red eyes and a long tail. — By Brayden Poff

I would sculpt a pencil tree. — By Tyler Phan

My sculpture is a Pokemon. The Pokemon’s name is Zekrom. That is my sculpture. — By Ricky Dumais

I have made sculpture of the Sphinx. It has the head of a pharaoh and the body of a lion. — By Jillian Daggs

My sculpture would be my name covered in different fonts. — By KJ Keane

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Cinquain poetry

Third-grade students in Mrs. Ream’s class at Hayshire Elementary, Central York School District, learned about cinquain poems and then wrote their own (Oct. 21, 2009).

By Dylan Bupp
Fast Small
Collecting hiding running
Climbing up fat trees
Mouse like

Pumpkin Pie
By Julia Schroeder
Pumpkin Pie
Messy sweet
Crunching falling spilling
It smells so good

By Kenny Anderson
Scared furry
Falling chewing walking
That’s what squirrels do

By Chandler Hake
Furry cute
Running sniffing digging
Nuts falling everywhere

By Alexis Lashle
Crunchy pretty
Falling stepping blowing
Between my feet and a tree

Fall Leaves
By Antonio Mazzei
Colorful filthy
Crunchy falling cleaning
Looking at the colors

By Kelly Ly
Colorful pretty
Falling crunching waving
They are changing colors

By Diajah West
Crispy colorful
Crunching falling growing
Between the ground and the tree

Pumpkin pie
By Alexis McAnnaney
Pumpkin Pie
Spicy tasty
Warming crunching falling
Between my mouth and belly

Pumpkin Pie
By Carli Cohn
Pumpkin Pie
Yummy delicious
Breaking smashing cooking
In my mouth and stomach

By Anthony Smith
Colorful fragile
Crunching falling spilling
Very fun to play in

The Raccoon
By Devin Rider
Fast sneaky
Scurrying climbing falling
Climbing trees

By Kaitlyn Raab
Pumpkin Pie
Crunchy yummy
Filling cooking cooling
On my hug plate

Hot Chocolate
By Sherron Copeland
Hot Chocolate
Warm hot
Warming heating burning
Very messy

By Olivia Potter
Spooky scary
Falling crunching scaring
You see pumpkins

Night Spooks
By Will Rodgers
Scary spooky
Falling creeping rotting
Fall is cold

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Haunted houses

Students in the classroom of Carol Burkman, a second-grade teacher at Hayshire Elementary, wrote stories about haunted houses (Nov. 3, 2008).

Danny V.
One Halloween night I went to a haunted house. Suddenly a hand pulled me in the house. I heard, “Whoo, whoo.” I heard a crash, too. Then a ghost floated up to me. I said, “Aah.” I ran upstairs to a room. There was another ghost in the room. I ran to another bedroom. There were two monsters in that room. I ran into the third bedroom and I saw a rope in front of me. There was a hole in the roof. So I climbed up the rope and went out the hole. I was so happy to be out that I ran all the way home to my mom.

Heidi N.
On Halloween night I knocked on the door of a haunted house. A guy named Frankenstein pulled me in and said, “Mua-a-a-a-a-a.” I went downstairs and a witch met me. I saw a rope, so I climbed it. When I got to the top I said, “where am I?” I saw a skeleton and he said, “in the attic.” Then he said, “why do you not go home?” I stepped on something loose and I fell into a trap. I ended up downstairs. A witch caught me and threw me out the door. I was safe at last. I ran home as fast as I could.

Sarah M.
“Hey Mom, can we take the cat trick-or-treating?” I asked. But when I opened the door, the cat ran out and into a haunted house. She scratched the door and a hand pulled my cat in. Then without telling mom or waiting, I ran into the house. When I got in, I picked up my cat. He was playing with a spider in the living room. Just then my cat saw a rope hanging from the ceiling. He climbed the rope. Then I climbed the rope, but it was too hard. I looked behind me and I saw a piano. It was playing by itself! Then I looked back.
The rope was gone, but a skeleton chased me. I ran as fast as I could. I ran into the hall. I ran up the stairs. Then I saw my cat. I picked up my cat, and as fast as I could I punched the skeleton in the guts and he fainted. Then I went down the stairs and tried to go outside, but the door was locked! I ran to the kitchen, but when I got there, something tripped me. When I got up I saw a big black pot boiling on the stove. A witch was stirring the green guck. I passed her. I went into the dining room. It was kind of creepy. The wind was blowing the curtains. Just then my cat jumped onto the table and knocked down a vase. The witch saw us! She got her broomstick and grabbed us! She put us on her stick and flew out the window. She said, Heh, heh, heh.” When we were out of the window, she pushed us off. When we were on the ground, my mom came running! She almost fainted because I was alive! But then I rolled over and I woke up. I groaned and said, “It is time for school.”

Angel R.
One cold night mom and I got ready to go trick-or-treating. My mom took a lot of time. Finally we were ready to go. I saw a goblin. He was spooking. I was a ghost. Then we saw this spooky house. My mom said, “I bet you are scared.” Before I could run away somebody pulled me into the house. I was so scared. I saw a bat. I ran to the kitchen. There were a bunch of scary people in there. My heart was beating so fast. Next I ran upstairs. Then this witch showed the way to go to find a rope. I went down the rope and ran back to my mom as fast as I could go.

Dante P.
Cory and I went trick-or-treating and came to a door with a giant spider. It made a giant web on the door, so I did not want to go in that house, but my brother pushed me in the webby door. The spider got there. It pulled me in and made a trap web and the door was stuck. The spider went to the kitchen. It was really a zombie and it was in a disguise. It was lucky for me I had my little fake key just in case I needed it. I used it to unlock the door and I was free. My brother found me and said, “Sorry.”

Christine W.
On one spooky night we went trick-or-treating. We walked and walked. Then I heard something! It was a cat! I was surprised. The cat purred at me! I followed the cat to a Haunted House. At first I thought it was just a house. Then my mom pushed me in. Suddenly the door slammed. I was scared. Then a witch came and said, “If you give me a stick, I will let you out.” I said, “Okay.” Then I gave her the stick. After that she disappeared. Then I went into another room. There was a sound. It was like, “he, he, he!” I was so scared my heart started to beat. I started to run down the hall. There was another witch. She was about to put a spell on me! I went down the hall as fast as I could. The witch followed me until she could not run anymore. I went upstairs to look for a way out. I saw a cat on the bed. The cat purred at me. I thought for a moment. I think the cat knows the way. I followed the cat and it showed me the way out. I was really happy because the cat led me to a rope. I slid down the rope ad I was out. I am never going there, ever again.

Madison B.
“Mom, hurry up or I will not get any candy,” I yelled. Finally she came. We went from door to door getting tons of candy. Then we arrived at the lst house. It looked very scary. Two bats flew me and my mom into the house. Then they locked the door. We were trapped. Then I heard spooky music. It was a skeleton playing the piano. Then a witch scooped by flying me and my mom on her broom. We fell off the broom into a bedroom. A mummy tried to get us, but we ran away. Then my mom found a window. She unlocked it and we climbed out. We escaped and everything was back to normal. Next Halloween I am not going in there. It was scary.

Julie R.
I went into a haunted house. I ran to the living room door. A hand pulled me in. I was scared. I heard a rocking chair. It was moving by itself. I was too scared to run. My mom was not there. Finally I did run. I went to the kitchen and I saw a big ghost. I screamed. I heard a slam. I ran back to the living room. I heard thunder. A black cat chased me. I ran to the door. I could not see anything. I yelled and nobody answered. I was so scared. Finally a friendly witch found me and showed me the way out. My mom was standing at the door.

Maggie S.
“Mom, come on, I shouted.” I saw a cat and I followed it into the Haunted House. I heard, “Heh, heh, heh,” in the living room. I shivered. It was a bat. I heard something in the kitchen. I walked in. BOO! I jumped. Then something flew past my face. It was a big witch with a broom. She stared at me. Something was tickling me. I turned around. It was a skeleton. It chased me. I ran to a room. I saw spiders and bats. Then I fell into a trap door. I fell out of the haunted house. I said, “I am free.” Then I ran home.

Nick W.
“I hope you are ready to go in the Haunted House,” my sister said as she pushed me into the door of a spooky house. The door closed and locked. A vampire was playing the piano and it was spooky music. Then I went downstairs and I saw a skeleton watching TV. I went into the playroom and I saw a ghost playing on the computer. After that I went into the basement and I saw a black cat playing with its toys. A big ghost carried me upstairs. I saw a rope and I swung on it out the window. I said, “I am free!”

Jaanvi P.
One Halloween night as I was going trick-or-treating I heard a chair rocking so I went in the house and did not know that it was a haunted house. I got lost in the haunted house. I was checking the house and the bedroom door shut. I was trapped in the room. Finally I pushed the door as hard as I could and it opened. I ran into another room. I saw a big sofa. It was really messy. I saw a lot of skeletons on the sofa. I went in the kitchen. There was a big pot of applesauce. I heard a sound. It went like m-m-m-m-m! I was even more scared and then I ran, but I ended in the office. Somebody was on the computer. I said, “Hi, can you help me get out?” He did not say anything at all. I was even more scared. I cried and cried. I yelled, “Help, get me out of here, please!” I cried some more. Then a nice witch came to help me get out of the haunted house. When I got out, I said, “I am never going in there again.”

Alvin C.
Did you ever go to a Haunted House? I did. One day my sister and I went trick-or-treating and I saw a weird looking house. My sister and I went in to see what was inside. Suddenly something went BAM! I looked back and I saw the door slam. I was so frightened and then I heard something go erk-erk-erk! It was the rocking chair, but nobody was in the rocking chair.Then we ran to the kitchen. It was very scary, but my sister was not scared. I heard something go BOOM! My sister told me that it was just thunder. I was frightened even more, then I heard spooky music. It was the piano, but nobody was playing it. I was so scared that I hid behind my sister. Then my mom found us and she got us out. It was very scary.

Anthony L.
One night I went trick-or-treating and my brother pushed me into a haunted house. Everything scared me. A witch pulled me. I saw bats and mummies. I tried to run, but the witch pulled me back again. She took me in the scary kitchen and there was a scary scarecrow right in the middle of the kitchen. I heard a scary sound and I screamed and ran away, and the witch missed me. I backed up and fell out of the window. I will never forgive my brother for pushing me in. Next time I will push him.

Cassidy A.
“I am very scared to go in the haunted house,” I told my brother. He said that I was a baby. “I am not. I am going,” I told my brother. We walked up the road to the haunted house, and then I got scared, so my brother pushed me in. I heard a spooky sound. It was a vampire. A black cat was there, and I said, “Here, Kitty, Kitty.” “OW,” she bit me. In the living room I saw a big black bat. I thought it would hurt me. Did you know that the phone rang and when I answered it no one was there. I found a door and there was a key so I took it. I opened the door and I saw my mom. I said, “Mommy, I am so happy to get out.” It was boiling. I heard a noise. Someone was coming. It was a witch. She was making a potion. She said, “Drink it, you fool.” She was mean. I ran upstairs. Near a window was a rope. I used it to get out of that creepy house.

Allyssa K.
“Dad, hurry up. Lets go. We will not get any candy,” I called as we got out of the house. It was storming. We saw a house. I knocked on the door. A hand pulled me in. I screamed. I ran to the living room. Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! I saw a mummy and I ran right into a trap door. I heard my breath as I fell into the kitchen. Everything looked foggy. I saw a pot. It was boiling. I heard a noise. Someone was coming. It was a witch. She was making a potion. She said, “Drink it, you fool.” She was mean. I ran upstairs. Near a window was a rope. I used it to get out of that creepy house.

Dylan H.
“Come on, Dad. We will not get any candy! I called as I walked to the next house. I rang the doorbell. Before I knew what was happening, my dad pushed me into the living room. I heard a werewolf. My heart got into my neck. I saw big bats. One of them picked me up and took me into the kitchen. I saw a big black spider. The spider was chasing me all around the kitchen. Then I got in the spider web. A vampire came in the kitchen. The vampire threw me into the basement. “A big mummy,” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I hit the mummy with a baseball bat. Then I used the baseball bat to hit the window. I jumped out of the window. I said, “Lets do it again,” but my mom said, No way.” My dad just laughed.

Allyssa K.
“Dad, hurry up. We will not get any candy,” I called as we got out of our house. It was storming outside. We ran to the nearest house. I knocked on the door. A hand pulled me in. I screamed. I ran to the living room. “Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!” Funny, Dad, I thought. I saw a mummy and I ran into a trap door. I hurt myself as I fell into the kitchen. Everything looked foggy. I saw a pot. It was boiling. I heard a noise. Someone was coming. It was a witch. She was making a potion. She said, “Drink it you fool.” She was mean. I ran upstairs. There was a rope. I swung out the window. I finally got out. I am never going back there.

Aleksey H.
One Halloween night my brother and I went into a haunted house. I saw a bat fly by me when I was in the living room. I knew I had to get out. Before I could get away 15 ghosts flew by me. They made me scared. Suddenly all the windows and doors closed. Soon I saw a knife. I picked it up to cut the window, but a witch caught me on her broomstick. A ghost grabbed me, and my brother tried to pull me back. I fell into the basement. I saw spiders everywhere and a mummy. Finally I found my brother. Suddenly we saw a door. We went out and we ran home. We will never go back there again.

Anthony S.
“Mommy, hurry up. I will not get any candy,” I called as I ran to the next house. A hand pulled me inside. Two ghosts chased me. I was in the living room. A rocking chair was rocking by itself. I ran into a hall. I heard footsteps coming behind me. I ran and got caught in a web. I saw a ghost and I heard, “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.” A black cat bit me and I got out of the web. I saw a rope and I jumped over it. I do not know how, but I fell down the stairs. I was in the basement. I saw a mummy. It chased me to a door. It opened and I was outside. Then, I said, “finally.”

Kyle D.
One Halloween, I felt a breeze when I opened the door as I left to go trick-or-treating with my mom. Next I went to the scariest house on my block. Then I went to the door, but before I could knock on the door, a hand pulled me in. I was in the living room. I saw a web. I spun around and I saw a coffin. I ran into a room, it was the kitchen. I heard a cabinet door slam shut. Three knives hit the door. I raced out of there and into the bedroom. I saw a doll without a head. It scared me. Then I went out the window. When I jumped, I slammed my face into the ground and my face hurt. I ran home as fast as I could. I said to my mom, “I am never going to that house again.”

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Fall acrostics

These fall acrostics were written by students in the classroom of Carol Burkman, a second-grade teacher at Hayshire Elementary (Sept. 8, 2008).

Dante P.
Football starts in fall.
All animals get fat for winter.
Let’s go to grandpa’s for Thanksgiving.
Leaves fall in the fall.

Anthony L.
Friend’s play soccer.
Animals grow coats.
Leaves turn different colors.
Love growing pumpkins.

Christine W.
Football starts in Fall.
Animals migrate in Fall.
Leaves fall off the trees.
Love to drink apple cider.

Kyle D.
Farmers bring in crops.
Animals fur grows.
Leaves fall.
Love apple pie.

Aleksey H.
Farmers pick their crops.
Apples get juicy.
Leaves get really pretty.
Let’s jump in the leaves.

Anthony S.
Friends go back to school.
Animals get fatter.
Leaves change color.
Let’s go to the fair.

Heidi N.
Fairs start.
All squirrels gather acorns.
Leaves fall off the trees.
Love to count how many days until winter.

Jaanvi P.
Friends come over to my house for Thanksgiving.
Animals grow fur.
Leaves change colors.
Love to jump in the leaves.

Alvin C.
Flowers change colors.
All the apple trees drop their apples.
Leaves are fun to jump in.
Love to eat pumpkin pie.

Maggie S.
Fly away, duck.
Apples are fun to pick.
Love my mom’s apple pie.
Let’s go on a hayride.

Madison B.
Flowers are beautiful.
Animals grow fat in Fall.
Love to get pumpkin pie.
Leaves fall on the ground.

Cassidy A.
Flowers change beautiful colors.
Also, squirrels gather nuts.
Leaves fall off the trees.
Love to jump in the leaves.

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