First-hand stories of recent flooding

A parent, Joelyn Geesey, asked her daughter and her best friend, both fourth-graders at Kreutz Creek Elementary, to write their experiences with the recent flooding. The girls wrote the stories during the time their school was closed due to the storm.

By Amber Forry

September 7, 2011, I was at school and it started pouring down rain. I was with my classmates and my teacher Mr. Link. I thought that it would never stop raining. I felt scared and nervous and that we were never going to get out of school. The day was very dark and foggy and misty.

After I got home, there was a big tree that looked like it was going to fall down. So when me and my dad got home we went to pick up my mom’s car and then we went down to Kreutz Creek Road and if you walked down this one farm it broke the fence and it was flooded the whole way down to Rutter’s and the whole way down to the Tourist Inn and the Red Rock. Also, at Kreutz Crrek Road there was a big hole in the road and on top of the hill it was flooded. It was a terrible storm. It was raining and it was windy. In my basement there was a little bit of water. In my friend’s basement there was 8 ft. of water and her freezer was floating. Down by Rutter’s all of the stones were up. In Hellam the rain took off a chunk of grass of somebody’s yard.

On the first day of the flood it was raining and it was a little windy. On the second day of the flood it was horrible it started to flood. On the third day it was flooding really bad. I remember on TV I heard that trailer parks were flooded. Also I heard on TV that they had shelters for the people who got flooded out. Today I feel sad for the people who got flooded out. My mom showed me this video on Facebook that someone took while in their car while the flood was happening. In the Rutter’s parking lot it was flooded and cars were running into each other.

By Emily Geesey

Wednesday, September 7, 2011, I was at school when the flood started. I thought that it was just rain and a simple day until my teacher; Mrs. Stough said we were going home early. Then it started getting dark and looked like 10:00 at night. Then it started thundering and lightening. I felt like there was something wrong. When we got on the bus we started driving then we had to turn around and go back to school where we had to go back into the gym and wait for our parents. When I was coming home, Kreutz Creek Road burst because of the flood. Where it curves it looked like a brown river, there was a tree falling down on a telephone poll. Rutter’s parking lot was so flooded the cars looked like they were playing bumper cars. Nobody could count how many people fell that day.

My basement got 5 or 6 feet of yucky water. The trailer park was so flooded they had to go to the Junior High School for care and food because they lost their homes and so did a lot of other people that flooded out.

I thought that the flood was very extremely dangerous. That was my story and experience with the flood.

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