Weather Poems

Mrs. Dull submitted these free verse poems about weather, which were written by her fourth-grade students at Leib Elementary School in Dover Area School District.

Snow — By Mystery Seyerlein
I do not want snow to come, but I do want snow to come.
But, who wants snow to come.

Weather Report — By Jacob Ness
Will not be long, the weather will be warm.
It was cold, now it is warm.
Lets hope it stays warm.

Rainy Day — By Shelby Fobes
The clouds are dark
the lightning crackles in the sky.
Oh my what a sight.
Here it comes down, down,
the rain is coming very loud.

Snow! Snow! Go away — By Courtney Miller
Snow! Snow!
Go away it is too
cold for us to play today
so please come back another day.

Snow — By Caitlin Myers
I hope the snow will come our way.
That means we can play today.
We can make snowmen and we do not have to pay.

Dark Clouds — By Truman Metz
Dark clouds swirling
high in the sky.

I Like Summer — By Tanner Sohnleitner
I like summer yes I do.
I like summer do you too?

Bad Weather — By Micah Gonzalez
Dim, cold, and maybe snow
This is bad weather.
It is so cold it makes me shiver. Its dim light
makes me think of lots of snow.
Today is a bad weather day, I can tell
it is not time to play.

The Weather — By William Montes
The weather is windy. The sun is hot.
The wind is blowing and it is moving on.

The Weather — By Keilan Rogers
The weather is cloudy. I wish it was sunny and it would snow soon.
I hope it does not snow. If it snows, I am staying in the house.
If it does not snow, I will ride my bike.

Spring and Winter Are Coming — By Danielle Zelinski
Winter is coming, Spring is not.
Spring is coming, Winter is not.
Now we know how we feel.
Now lets get a big old cheer.

The Weather — By Austin Latshaw
It is cold, then it gets colder.
Then it is bright, then it gets very dark.

It Is — By Clay Cameron
It is mean. It is a cloud like a goat.
He loves the snow, but he is scared of it.
So he stays inside.

Weather — By Samantha Glackin
It is snowing and it is blowing
It is crazy out here.
Oh dear, oh dear.
What is that I hear?
It must be a dog.
But I cannot see through
the fog. Oh my, oh my, it is coming
near. I best get out of here.

Winter — By Dakota Jordan
Lights are bright
Lights are bright
Fogs make everything right
The weather is cold
The weather is cold
So lets all play in the snow tonight.

The Weather — By Laurissa Filipelli
The weather is blowing.
It is supposed to be snowing.
But that is all right with me.
The weather is mild. My sister acts like a child
when her cell phone gets taken away.
In school it is very cool because I learn
many things every day.
The weather might be sleeting or
maybe even beating on the windows all day.

Snow — By Hunter Derk
Snow is awesome.
Snow is cool
It gets us out of school.

The Clouds — By Olivia Huntsberry
The clouds are dark.
The sun is bright, but the wind
is such a fright.

Hear Water — By Cierra Hockensmith
Pitter, Patter, Pitter, Patter. Hear the rain drop.
Listen very closely you might hear it.
Jump in a puddle it might be a little louder.
Hear the splat. Oh no! I got all wet!
I think I have to go inside!
Then I hope rain comes again.

Snow Day — By Sydney Keefer
I hope snow comes soon so we
can have fun in the snow or
build a snow fort
or even a snow ball fight!!

Weather — By Tyler Thomas
It is warm.
I am mad because it is not cold.
I feel hot and sweaty.
I hear birds chirping and they fly over me.
I wish it were cold.

Outside — By Minda Swartz
The weather outside is cold
It is fun to play in the snow

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