History Is Made

A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD PERSPECTIVE: I came home one evening and my seven year old handed me an essay that she had written earlier that day. She told me that she was so proud of Barack Obama and his family that she wanted to write something that we could put in a memory book. She also said she wanted to share her thoughts with her children and younger family members. I thought that this was such a wonderfully funny essay but I also thought how amazing it was to read about the election process from the eyes of a seven year old. I share this with you. I would like to see her essay posted and shared with the world if possible. I believe that she would love to be a part of history in this way. I did not correct any grammatical errors or change any of her words. As I said earlier, this is her essay and these are her thoughts. — Thanks, Towanda M., Red Lion …

History Is Made
Since President Bush will not be president anymore, they have an election. Now, I think here are all the people who wanted to become president: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, and John McCain. The only way to become president is to have a fantastic speech, a good personality and good reasons to be a president. As the election went on, Hillary Clinton and Ron Paul did not have good speeches so they could not move on in the election. So Barack Obama and John McCain were left in the election. Soon, it was finally Election Day! Standing very hopefully on the stage was Barack and John. Barack’s and John’s families were there too. The announcer came on stage holding a piece of paper saying who the winner was. The announcer cleared his throat and then said, “THE WINNER IS … BARACK OBAMA! People in the crowd screamed, shouted and some even cryed because of the pre-historical times and because Martin Luther King made the I HAVE A DREAM speech. I do not know the whole thing but I do remember him saying WE WILL HAVE AN AFRICAN PRESIDENT! Barack Obama was African American so THAT IS HISTORY!
By: Kayla M.
Mazie Gable Elementary School
2nd grade
Teacher – Mrs. Irving
January 22, 2009

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Superheroes III

From Mazie Gable Elementary, Grade 5, teacher Diane Washko.

Brady Boyd
Super Slicer Saves the Day
Do not fear! Super Slicer can help if there’s food to be cut. There’s no job that’s too tough for him. From pizza to carrots: he can slice it all. So, if you can’t slice, then just call Super Slicer.

Riley Camp
Spelling Bee-The New Super Hero!
Today a mysterious person was seen buzzing and swarming all around. Guess who it was? Spelling Bee! Spelling Bee has super spelltacular powers. She does anything to help kids with bad spelling grades. Her secret power is to zap the spelling paper and give the student an A+. She also has super speed to go anywhere in just two seconds. So, if you need help with spelling, just call SPELLING BEE!

Justin Golden
Thunderbolt blasts into gym class at Gable!
If you ever need help at gym, Thunderbolt will help. He can speed downhill and power uphill. He never gets tired. He’s always on a high battery. He can run five miles without one drop of sweat. He can outrun a cheetah with his speed. Remember, if speed is what you need, call Thunderbolt for help.

Olivia Tarman
The Musical Maiden Can Save Kids from the Do Re Mi’s of Horror
The Musical Maiden can save kids from bringing shame to themselves in music class. She can teach kids about the musical scale and can help them train and perfect their voices. She also can teach you any dance that you need to know. She can teach you how to play any instrument there is. So, when music is getting tough, give the Musical Maiden a call.

Alex Hoffmaster
A New Hero Arrives in Town: Catoctumusprime is His Name
If you struggle with math, give a loud meow. Catoctumusprimeegle will come and help. Catoctumusprimeeagle will help anyone anywhere. He is so good at math because he is half computer and half calculator. He even knows what infinity times infinity is. He will solve any problem and teach you how to solve it. He will fight off any incorrect problems. So, if you have a hard test or math homework, you know whom to call. Any time, any place, Catoctumusprime will come Meow!

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Superheroes II

From Mazie Gable Elementary, Grade 5, teacher Kelly Stauffer.

Chase Smeltzer
Reading Wordman Reads Back
If you are a struggling reader, Reading Wordman is the guy for you. If you are struggling on a word he will be there to help you stretch out the word so that you can keep on reading. If you cannot find a book he will be there to help and read the back cover. If you can’t read he will be there to help and read the book to you. If you need help with any of these things you know whom to call – Reading Wordman!

Tyler Storck
The Super Student
This is a story about the super student. He has lots of amazing mind powers. He will tutor you if he knows you are having trouble. He will help you with your homework when you don’t understand. His mind works at light speed. He can write notes faster than a cheetah can run. If you ever need help, you know whom to call! Super Student!

Alex Knudson
Friendly Dude Strikes Again!
If you have trouble making friends with people in town Friendly Dude can help. He can make friends with anybody. First, he makes friends with people being bullied or picked on. Next, if they were not being bullied or picked on he would teach people how to make friends. If you do not know, he will just explain the way you can get one. Also, he makes people happy by doing his thing. So you can superbly see what Friendly Dude can do for you!

Joy Holbink
The New Superhero Book Girl
Book Girl is the new superhero all about reading books. She can read the largest books in the world, and can even teach other people to read too. She has the amazing ability to read any book, any genre, fiction to nonfiction, or fantasy to poetry. Anytime, anywhere, any book and she will read it. Every book she reads she can remember everything in it. With her super reading powers she can teach people to read a book, or how to pronounce a word and even make you like to read books. That’s all about the New Superhero Book Girl!

Robyn Blevins
Madame Music’s Powers Go Off the Scale
Want to hear a fat lady sing? Well in this case the girl isn’t so fat. A new skinny superhero sang into town. She can turn a plain sentence into a beautiful song. She can even teach other people to train their voices to where they want to be. Wonder who the new mysterious super musician is? Her name is Madame Music. If a person can’t hit a note Madame Music will be there to help. If a person needs help learning the different kinds of songs from pop to rock, folk to hip-hop, or anything Madame Music will teach you. So, whenever you need help in music, you know whom to call, Madame Music!

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Superheroes I

From Mazie Gable Elementary, Grade 5, teacher Carol Kraft.

Sarah Helt
Super Girl The Fastest Runner in Mazie Gable
Super girl was the fastest kid in Mazie Gable Elementary School. She used her eyes to see the rocks below her. Her ears to hear the kids screaming her name. Her legs to run and her arms to pump. She needs a healthy breakfast and get a good nights sleep. To be the fastest runner in Mazie Gable Elementary School, you need to use your eyes, ears, legs and arms. You need energy from eating a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner and getting a good nights sleep.

Maddi Smith
Super Math Girl Saves Grades!
If you need help with math do not worry Super Math Girl is here to help you! Super Math Girl is smart at math and she can do any math you need help with. Also, she can help you do your homework, and you will have good grades. So remember, if you need help in math then call Super Math Girl and she will come help you.

Grant Fickes
Mr. Manyhand Man Saves School Food Fight
One boring school day at Mazie Gable someone liven it up and starts a food fight. Mr. Manyhand Man is there to stop the trouble and blocks the throws with all his hands. No one got messy at all because of Mr. Manyhand Man. He’s there to stop the trouble in the school and teachers he can help you too, straighten up the students. So when you have problems call Mr. Manyhand Man to help you solve them.

Garrett Darr
Helpful Man
Helpful man will help you with anything you desire. He has the biggest muscles in the world so he can write longer than anybody. Helpful man will teach you everything he knows. He will show you how to read a thousand-page book in 15 minutes. He will be very happy when you pay attention when he tells you all he knows.

Jason Lloyd
Speed the Fast Student Helper
Speed helps students learn how to play games. Speed helps everybody do what they need to do in Gym. Speed will help you learn how to jump rope and play kickball. Speed likes to help everybody learn how to do new things. Speed will help you learn how to play right. Speed will always be there when you’re in Gym.

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