Kid Scoop: Kitchen Tales

These stories were submitted to the Junior Dispatch by Kid Scoop, a Newspapers in Education program at the York Newspaper Co.

Red Velvet Cake: One day after dinner my daddy said let’s do something and next thing I know he pulled out a bag of ingredients and said LETS MAKE VELVET CAKE!!! So we got all the ingredients and mixed them together and I and my sister took turns mixing. Next we preheated the oven and put the batter in a pan we put in in the oven and waited an hour. While we waited we cleaned our mess. When the timer went off the cake was ready. We took it out and let it cool, then we ate it. It was delicious. By Briana Brown, Grade 5, PA Cyber, Mrs. Fededles

From the class of Mr. Richcrick, Grade 4, Fishing Creek Elementary School:

When I was 6, I made my mom my own special cereal. It had water, mandarin oranges, and green sprinkles. It was very original. By Caylynn Beinhower

Well I cook with my family all the time, but my favorite time is when I cooked with my dad, and we cooked hamburgers. They were soooo good. By Hannah Culp

I cooked with my family, and we baked cupcakes. By Mia Christensen

I cooked for my family once. I made meatloaf. It was fun. By Madison Dicely

The time I cooked with my family was a long time ago, and it was so fun. We made bacon and pancakes. I guess it was more like breakfast. By Everest Robinson

One time I cooked for my family, but I over cooked the food and they couldn’t eat it. By Ricky Dumais

Once I cooked tacos for my family, and they were so happy that I did that. It was delicious. By KJ Keane

One time in New York at my grandma and grandpa’s I made hamburgers and hot dogs. It was fun. By Pat McCullough

I burned a chicken patty. By Cayden Healy

The time I made my Mom brownie cookies, I was amazed. The cookies were good. The brownie part was amazing! They loved my cookies! I’ll tell you now, I not baking ever! By Trevor Henderson

One day I helped my dad cook dinner. I helped by giving my dad the ingredients. By Brayden Poff

One day I made eggs. They were good. Yum! I messed up kinda. By Logan Graeff

A couple of days ago I made grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch for my little sister and dinner for my grandmother five days ago. It was fun! My grandpa says food tastes better when you make it. By Jara Mumma

Once I cooked for my family. It was my first time. It was Mac & Cheese. It was undercooked, but it was the only thing in the house and we ate it. By Skylar Diegel

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