Human Christmas tree



In friendly holiday competition, the new Administrator of St. Patrick Catholic Church in York, Rev. Keith Carroll, shown, took the top prize at the parish school’s annual Human Christmas Tree competition. Decorated by the students of grades 1 – 3, Fr. Carroll received more votes than his good-natured “competitor,” Rev. Jonathan Sawicki from the neighboring Church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Mary Elizabeth Muir, school principal.

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St. Patrick School’s parade float wins award

St. Patrick School's award-winning parade float.

St. Patrick School’s award-winning parade float.

Fourth-grader Sean McKeague enjoys the parade from atop the float.

Fourth-grader Sean McKeague enjoys the parade from atop the float.

For the second year in a row, St. Patrick Catholic School, 235 S. Beaver St., took a top honor at York’s 30th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 16.

This year’s entry won the Best Float Award.

Last year the school’s float won the grand prize, Best of Parade Award. Pictured, fourth-grader Sean McKeague enjoys the parade from atop the float.

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The Great Turkey Escape

Mrs. MacLaughlin, a sixth-grade teacher at St. Patrick Catholic School, York, asked her students to write persuasive letters. This one is in honor of Thanksgiving.

By Katie Haskell

Dear Mr. Farmer,

Please take me back to the Turkey Farm,
for when I left,
it caused great alarm.

My friends gobbled “Oh, where can she be?”
So please take me back,
I am very sad you see.

I do not want to be Thanksgiving dinner!
Compared to the others,
I am really quite thinner.

I am not the only turkey you could pick.
We are getting quite tense,
so please choose quick.

When you took me away it gave me a scare.
I knew I would die,
and tried not to care.

Unfortunately it is really close to Thanksgiving.
And now I want to
stay with the living.

I want to stay with my friends.
So that my little life
never ends.

I do not want to leave this wide open space.
With so many friends,
it is a wonderful place!

This world is so pretty, wonderful and nice.
It would be awful,
to be served with gravy and rice.

So, Mr. Farmer, I bid you adieu.
From, a little turkey
who is quite blue.

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