Witch’s Brew

These Halloween-season recipes were written by students in Jean Frigm’s fourth-grade class at Stewartstown Elementary, South Eastern School District.

Brianna Garner
Frog Stew
This is how you make frog stew.
1. First you need eight juicy frogs to cook
2. Then you need 1 pound of bat ears
3. Next you need 28 red rat eyes
4. The last thing is 200 gallons of blood
Now you take all the ingredients and dump it in to a pot. Mix it all with the blood.
Then put the pot on the stove for 500 degrees. Then wait for four hours.
Then after four hours you can eat. And that’s how you make frog stew.

Nicholas Fritz
Reptile Pie
3 cups of snake eyes
2 alligator eggs
1 snake shedding
1 cup of turtle guts
Now you need 2 lizard feet
Now get some meat loaf
Last, but not least, bread
First you need a pot to put the ingredients in. Now you have to put the bread in for the outside. Then you take the 3 cups of snake eyes and pour it in the pot. Crack open the 2 alligator eggs into the pot. Next put the snake shedding in with the cup of turtle guts. Now the last part of putting stuff in the pot, put in the 2 lizard feet in with the meat loaf and bread. Now you put the pot in the oven at 500 degrees and set in for 30 min.
Now you have Reptile Pie.

Stevie Turner
Spider Stew
100 spider legs
15 fresh cob webs
8 spider fangs
2 spider eggs
Creek water
Directions: Get a cup of creek water and pour it into a bowl. Then get 100 spider legs and put it in the bowl. Then put 15 fresh cob webs in the bowl. Then put 8 spider fangs in the bowl. Then put 2 spider eggs in the bowl. Then put the bowl in the oven at 4,000,000 degrees for 40 min. Now serve and enjoy.

Maia Slonaker
Lizard Pie
1/4 cup of chameleon guts
5 cups of anole legs
8 ounces of komodo eyelids
1 pinch of gator lips
3/4 pounds of gecko toes
3 tablespoons of iguana blood
5 ounces of skink eggs
After you add all the ingredients, put 5 cups Burn Be Gone on and put it in for 500 hundred degrees. Do exactly what it says or you will be very sorry!

Ryan Sewell
Mix-Matched Pie
1. 2 eyes of a snake
2. 5 quarts of bat earwax
3. 8 salamander tails
4. 2 cups of blood
5. 2 pounds of baloney
6. 6 snail shells
7. 8 tablespoons of more blood
Now stir very well and bake at 451 degrees. If you don’t do it at 451 degrees, it will blow up. So don’t bake this very often. And when you do bake it, stay clear of it. You’ll want to make a Mix-Matched Pie every day! So enjoy my horrible, but good idea!

Merle Bernard
Vampire Stew
So this is how you make vampire stew.
1. First get 20 cups of blood.
2. Then mix it with 12 eye balls.
3. And you can’t forget the dead rats.
4. Plus, you need a burned bird to make it extra sweet.
5. Also, you are going to need a 12 pound fish.
6. There has to be a cooked up cricket.
7. Now how could you not add the evil little baby?
8. Finally you have to have a chopped up vampire.
9. Now put it in the oven and then you are done.

Mya Soukaseum
Lizard Pie
1 cup of cut up iguana tails
4 teaspoons salamander eyes
2 pounds of smelly gator feet
3 frozen rattlesnakes
5 sweet crocodile toes
12 snake eyes
6 cups of smelly salamander toes
After all the ingredients are mixed, stir them with a spoon and then put in oven, set at 80 degrees for 10 minutes. Then take out of your oven and enjoy your delicious lizard pie.

Kristen Kandeel
Witch Soup
To make witch soup you need some ingredients. First you need 1 cup of wet snails, 1/4 a cup of raw frog legs, 3/4 cup of fish eyes, a gallon of soggy dirt, a teaspoon of worm guts, 2 shark fins, 9 cups of dog food, 1 pint of toilet water, 20 gallons of onions, 6 ounces of tree bark, l gallon of boiled eggs, 6 cups of juiced lemons, and lastly a pinch of salt, pepper.
When you are using the slugs, the dirt, the lemons, you will need to get them wet. Next, you need to boil the fish eyes, the worm guts, the shark fins, the onions and the tree bark. Finally you add a pinch of salt and pepper. Now you are ready to eat your witch soup.

Lance Gertz
My Super Delicious Cupcake
First ingredient – one lizard. After that put two delicious stink bombs. Next add a pinch of brain cells. After that you should smell a spicy smell. Add nine gallons of roach ice tea. When you’re finished, you should put a thousand-legger centipede. DOESN’T THIS SMELL GOOD!!! After that go to the grocery store and get fresh armpit hair from a monkey. Now listen closely because this is the last ingredient … Take a vacation in Africa and get fresh hippo bellybutton hairs!!!!!!! That’s why, when you have nothing to eat, try this one.

Major Joines
Skunk Pie
6 cups of slugs
4 snake eyes
1 pinch of opossum tail
2 pounds of liver
555 gallons of shark blood
5 pinches of salt
And 1 skunk
To make skunk pie you will need some ingredients. First you will need 6 cups of slugs, next 4 snake eyes, then you need 1 pinch of opossum tail, after that 2 pounds of liver, 555 gallons of shark blood, 5 pinches of salt, finally 1 skunk and stir it and that’s how you make skunk pie.

Maria Hilbert
Bat Pie
First get 10 bat wings. Then get 1/2 cup bat’s earwax. Then add 3 fruit bats. Then add some liver and then cook it for 30 minutes at whatever temperature.

Taylor Dipangrazio
Witch Pie
1 cup of flies
2 cups of mold
99 mice
45 ants
67 snakes
34 fish
34 worms
8 witches
First you need a pot
Then you need a spoon
Stir well
Let sit for 2 minutes
Now pour milk
Now set oven for 578 degrees
Put in oven for 45 minutes
Then you are done.

Davey Sweger
Cricket Pot Pie
To make cricket pot pie you will need 987,654,321 gallons of crickets, l7 gallons of bird guts, one movie star, 875 pounds of zombies, 61 teaspoons of worms, 94 cups of sea monster, and 9,876 pounds of the banjo. Then you put it in the pot and mix all of it and you have cricket pot pie.

Bailee Wenckus
Witch’s Brew
8 wolf spider eyes
3 pigs
5 rats
1 Tbsp. of fox blood
2 qts. of lizard pea
16 spider legs
First put 8 wolf spider eyes in a pot.
Next put 3 pigs in the pot and stir for 2 minutes.
Then put in 5 rats, add a little bit of humans’ blood and stir again for 2 minutes.
Now put in 1 Tbsp. of fox blood and 2 quarts of lizard pea.
Then add 16 spider legs and stir for five minutes.
Then boil 1 gallon of water and dump it in. Stir for 1 minute and enjoy your Witch’s Brew!!!!!

Tony Gutshall
Rat Pie
1. rat odor
2. 1 gallon of rat guts
3. 1 streak of vampires’ hair
4. 12 human eyes
5. 234 pounds of rat skin
6. 123 pounds of toe jam
First you roll out the rat skin. Then you dump all of the rat odor on the skin. Next you put the toe jam in. Now you put all of the rat guts in the bowl. Next you put 1 streak of a vampire’s hair in. Now you have to put the eyes in the freezer for 20 minutes. Now you put the eyes in the pan. Now you turn the oven to 1234678 degrees F. DO NOT PUT IT ON A LOWER TEMPERATURE OR IT WILL COME ALIVE!!!!!

Jake Greaves
Snapper Soup
To make snapper soup you need some ingredients. You need some grease turtles, then you need bug eyes, also a deer tail and a cup of bear feet, and 500 gallons of raw egg. And last of all 500,000 cups of raw turkey leqs. And cook it at 756 degrees.

Jesse Grove
Nail Pie
500 gallons of nails
8 cups of frog eyeballs
500,000 gallons of mold
100,000,000 cups of glue
4 gallons of hair
And that’s how you make Nail Pie.

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