Students, volunteers help TOP Christian School

Eighth-grader Andrew Crouse helps kindergartner Javon Hill as they pick up trash.

Tidings of Peace Christian School, 329 E. Poplar St., York, held its fifth annual Trash-A-Thon on Oct. 8. More than 100 volunteers, mostly from Lancaster County, came to help the school pick up illegally dumped litter and trash.

The goal of the event was two-fold — clean up the city and raise money for the school.
The students and volunteers gathered 13.58 tons of trash, which was below their goal of 15 tons.

According to school principal Clayton Shenk, trash is harder to find each year.
“When we started doing this 5 years ago, there were many abandoned properties that had piles of trash and clutter from years of accumulation. We don’t have those any more here in the city.”

In addition to gathering the litter, the second goal was to raise $10,000 for school improvement. Donors had the opportunity to designate their pledge for either the boys or the girls team. The boys’ pledges amounted to $3,000 more than the girls’ amount.

The school is a ministry of the Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church and is currently serving 34 students in grades K-12. It is most grateful to all who helped make the event a success.

High school senior Stephanie Crouse and kindergarten teacher Laura Kauffman encourage the younger girls as they were racing the boys to see who could pick up the most trash.

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