Lucky Day stories

Second-graders in Mrs. Nancy Denner’s class at N.A. Trimmer Elementary School wrote these Lucky Day stories.

To the Coliseum
By Jacob Landis
“Yes!” I screamed. I was going to the coliseum! It is a place where you get to play games. I ran to tell my brother. First, I got one hundred chips on my card. Not real chips. I use the card to play the games. I played a Sponge Bob game and a fishing game too and a lot more. Next, I watched my mom play a game. It was a chip pushing game. She tried very hard and finally got the chip that was worth 300 tickets! Then, I played some more games like whack a shark. When I was done I got prizes. I got Legos and a ball. Now you know it was my luckiest day ever.

Disney World
By Katie Fair
“Yippee!” I yelled. My mom had just told me we’re going to Disney world. In the beginning, we got on an airplane and then we got on a bus. It took a long time to get there. When we got there, we went to our room and put the stuff where it was suppose to be. Then, it was time to go to bed. When I woke up, we got dressed and went to ride rides. The ride I rode was the roller coaster. It was really fun. Next, we went to ride more rides and then we were hungry and we went to eat. I ate a hot dog. It was good. So you can see, I had a lot of fun.

Going to First Grade
By Alayna Fitzkee
“Hey! I’m going to first grade today!” I yelled. “I’m going to meet my new teacher!” First, I walked into my room and got so exited. Second, her name was Mrs. Goodyear. I bet she’s nice. And anyways, I’m not going to get in trouble. Third, I had a very good day doing work and work. I was right because she was nice! Finally, I’m going to bed now and I had a very good day.

By Jada Young
“Yippee!” I yelled when my family and I got ice-cream. I ordered a chocolate ice-cream cone with sprinkles all over it. It was good! Soon, after that I got my ice-cream. My mom and dad sat on the benches. My sister and I walked by the drive through as we ate and saw the people ordering. Finally, we went home.

My Lucky Day
By Kaley Leas
“Yippee! I won!” I yelled when I won Wee Princess 2009. I was so happy. To begin with, this was one of my competitions down in North Carolina, when I won the Wee Princess 2009 title. I was so excited. To win these big titles I learned you have to work hard. I had to model and do twirling and fancy routines. After I won, I got to ride a limo all around North Carolina. It was fun! Last but not least, that day was a happy day for my family and me. That was a lucky day.

My Best Day Ever
By Jalen Thomas
“Yippee!” I yelled. I had my birthday at Chuck-e-Cheese. It was fun. I went down the slide. First, Cymone and I ate pizza. When we were done, we played games. My mom gave us each ten tickets to play the games. We played fish games and went on the flying bicycle. So you can see, this was my best day ever.

My Luckiest Day Ever
By Alexander McClellan
“Yippee!” I yelled when I had won my first basketball game. I play for the West York Bulldogs. Also, my dad is the coach. That’s really cool to have a dad as a coach. To begin with, I scored my first point of the basketball game. Then, I scored my second point of the basketball game and it was my sixteenth point of the year. We had finally won! I hope you liked reading about my luckiest day.

My Luckiest Day Ever
By John Dillinger
Splash! I dived into the water and I swam very fast to the end. First, I looked at the board and I screamed. I was so happy. Next, I watched my friends swim. One swam the butterfly but they got 3rd place. I said, “Good job!” I watched more of my friends swim. My brother got to swim next and he got 1st. I saw him at the end. Cory and I were so happy. Finally the meet was over and I saw the score. We had won 377 to 259. That was my luckiest day ever.

My Luckiest Day of my Life
By Sydney Cooper
“Yippee!” I yelled as I was jumping up and down. “I’m getting a cat today!” This was the day my family and I were going to get a new cat. So we went to the SPCA and looked at the cat. We saw a cat that was pretty, cute, smart, and sleepy. When my dad tried to pet the cat it hissed at him. I was scared. Then, we picked the cat out that we liked. We paid for the cat and took it home. We tried to think of a name and my brother, Evan, came up with the name Kaliey. We went out and bought her a pink collar and cat food. Next, we went home again. My mom put on the tag of the collar. That was the luckiest day of my life.

My Luckiest Day
By Ja-Leha Thomas
“Yippee. I yelled. I’m getting a sleepover for my birthday and a lot of people are invited to sleep over. One day my mom told me that my friends were allowed to sleepover. I played my V-Flash with them, but they couldn’t do it right. That’s why I helped them and then they got better at it. Now they know how to play it. After that, we painted, colored, and danced and the winners got a prize. Next, everybody got a bag of candy. Then, we ate it and had fun. Finally, I had a very special day with my friends.

My Luckiest Day
By Rachel Ritchey
“Are we going to get our new cat today?” I asked my mom. She said,“Yes!” I started to get very excited. First, we got in the car and drove to Petsmart. My mom told the lady that worked there, “We’re here to pick up Pumpkin.” The lady went behind his cage and unlocked it. She put him on the table. He said, “Meow.” The girl handed my mom a paper to fill out. Then we took him home in a box. Pumpkin meowed all the way home. When mom and I got home, we opened the box. Pumpkin jumped out of the box right away! Mom put out his litter box. Our new cat ran up stairs and sniffed around. After that, we played with him. That was my luckiest day.

My Lucky Day at School
By Shaun Hinkle
“Yippee!” I yelled as I got out of bed. “It’s camp-in day,” I said to my mom. I got dressed and my dad took me to the bus stop. Then, I got to school. We did our math message. We put our blankets on the blue carpet. We were then going to the gym for walk a mile. At the gym, I was the second one done. After two of the recesses were over, then we did our math minute and I passed. Yippee! The day was over and we went home. That was the best day ever at school.

My Lucky Day
By Alexis Halloran
“Yippee!” I yelled. “We were going to have a camp-in,” I told my mom. She looked at the paper and said, “Go get your sleeping bag.” I hugged her. To begin with, as soon as we got in the door of our classroom, we got to get our sleeping bags out of our bookbags. We got to take our shoes off but not our socks. Then, we put are sleeping bags on the floor. We got to have the lights off. Some people brought their flashlights. My friend had a stuffed animal and so do I. Next time, I am going to vote for camp-in again. I liked it and that was my luckiest day.

My Lucky Day
By Mario Banci
“Are you ready to go?” asked my mom. “You bet!” I said. It was Thursday, the day of my last soccer game against the hardest team. I was ready to try and beat them because they beat us the first time that we had faced them. Once we got there, I found my team and we practiced HARD. Then it was time for the game. Two of our good players were are only chance. In the first quarter the light blue team scored one goal and in the second and third quarter nobody scored. Now it came down to this … the final quarter. It’s all or nothing. We had to play our best. It was an amazing game, but at the end the score was light blue 2 and orange (my team) 1. “We lost,” we all said. Finally, even though we had lost, we all still had an awesome game! That was my luckiest day because it was a really exciting game.

The Best Luckiest Day Ever
By Breanna Harvey
“Yippee!” I yelled. We are going to Knoebels. I’ve never been to Knoebels before. To begin with, I couldn’t wait. Days passed but still I could not wait. Finally, the day came. I was so exited. Then, we got in our big, black, truck with a G.P.S. After that, the trip was a little long. When we got there, I got on a lot of rides. Last but not least, we went home. I could barely keep my eyes open on the way home. That day was the luckiest day ever.

The Luckiest Present Ever
By Shaun Lucas
Yahoo! I shouted. I have got a really good present. After I open all my presents on Christmas day, my brother covered my eyes and walked me to another room. Wahoo! I yelled when I saw my best present. It was an awesome, pearl, drum set that Santa had gotten me. That was my luckiest present and day ever.

The Best Day Ever
By Kiersten Bowser
“Yeah! Yeah!” I yelled. Today was the day that my family was getting a new puppy. First, my sister and I hopped in the car with my mom and off we went to pick out our new puppy. I was so exited! Not long after that, we arrived at our destination. Then, we looked at all the puppies. Immediately, my family saw one of the smallest dogs. All of us knew that we liked it. Later, my mom asked me what I wanted to name her. I wanted to name our new puppy Angel. (My sister wanted to name her Scooby-Doo). As one can see, it was one of the luckiest days ever. (Make that the luckiest).

The Day I went to Disney World
By Maya Sarver
“Hooray!” I shouted. “It’s time to go to Disney World!” Then I ran for breakfast. I gobbled my breakfast as fast as I could and ran up to my room to get dressed. After that, I walked out to wait for the bus to go to school. When I got to school I felt like dancing. After school I was so excited! But before I went to Disney World I had to go to Baltimore. I stayed there for a night and then I got on a plane at 4:30 A.M. Then, when I got to Florida, I almost had to scream. I went to Hollywood Studios first, then Magic Kingdom, then Epcot, and finally, Animal Kingdom. Going to Disney was a great time and I think that was my luckiest day.

The Luckiest Day of my Life
By Destiny Gonzalez
“Hooray! Hooray!” I yelled. It was the first day of second grade. I asked, “Mom, is my teacher mean or nice?” “You will have to find out,” she said. Then, I went to get dressed. After that, I went downstairs and I ate breakfast. I had a muffin. Next, I was off to school. Also, my teacher seemed nice. I met a new friend and she was nice to me. As you can see, now you know about the best day of my life.

My Luckiest Day
By Cassidy Fooks
“Yippee!” I yelled when I saw where we were going. “Cat and dogs!” I said when I got in. Then, Dad picked out a cat and I did too. We got two cats. Soon we came back and we got a dog. This time his name was Cosmo. Now we have two boys and one girl. The other boy’s name is Rocky and the girl’s name is Nicky. That is the story of my lucky day.

My Best Day Ever
By Ethan Ropp
“Yippee!” I yelled as I jumped out of bed. It was my birthday. I ran out of my room and I saw Lego sets! Next, I saw a Batman car that can shoot a yellow disk. Then, I opened some Hot Wheel cars. As you can see, I love getting presents for my birthday.

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Spring Acrostic Poems

Ms. Kramer’s 2nd grade student’s from N.A. Trimmer Elementary School within the West York Area School District wrote Spring acrostic poems.

By: Tanner Coon

Spring is fun
People playing outside
Rains a lot
I like spring
No more snow
Grass gets green

By: Aleksander Shimmel

Sun is warmer
Play outside
Rains a lot
I see leaves on the trees
No more snow
Go out side

By: Angel Jones

Spring is coming soon
Pretty flowers bloom
Rains a lot
I like to play outside
No more snow
Grass will get greener

By: Andrew Allen

Spring is fun
Playing outside is cool
Rains a lot
It’s really nice out
No more freezing cold snow
Green grass is beautiful

By: Logan Lecrone

Spring is my favorite season
Playing outside is really fun
Roses are my favorite flowers to pull
It storms a lot
Nice flowers start to bloom
Grass will get greener

By: Ian Gemmill

Sitting and looking for birds
Paint your house
Rains a lot in the spring
I can run and play
Next time spring will come back
Grandma can come to visit

By: Alex Nikkanen

Spring is cool
Playing outside longer
Rains very, very much
I can find things outside
No more winter coats
Grass is greener

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Fall Acrostic Poems

Ms. Kramer asked her second-graders at Trimmer Elementary to write fall acrostic poems.

Andrew Allen
Freezing weather is cold.
All leaves are colorful.
Leaves fall on the ground.
Lots of leaves fall on the tree.

Angel Jones
Frost is like snow.
Always jump in leaves.
Leaves fall.
Leaves change colors everyday.

Rachel Manges
Frost is white.
Always jump in the leaves
Leaves fall off of the trees.
Lollipops taste good.

Logan Lecrone
Frost is cold.
Apples are used to make apple pie.
Leaves fall on the ground.
Lots of apples grow on trees.

Tanner Coon
Frost is cold.
Always wear your jacket.
Leaves fall.
Leap frog.

Desire Stevens
Frost is on the grass.
Always wear your jacket.
Leaves fall.
Leaves blow a lot.

Aleksander Shimmel
Freezing ice.
Apples fall down.
Leaves fall off the tree.
Leap in leaves.

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