MP2 honor rolls at Windsor Manor

Windsor Manor Elementary School students who were named to honor rolls for the second marking period of the 2011-2012 school year are:


Grade 6: Kiera Cox, Ashley Crouse, Brianna Lehr, Bryce Smith, Nicholas Tabb, Shani Trebatoski.

Grade 5: Colleen Gasswint, Joshua Reigart.

Grade 4: Samantha Ferrari, Sophia Kohajda, Alyssa Lutz, Nick Rizzo, Kylie Rohrbaugh.

Grade 3: Christian Dennison, Kirstin Huster, Melanie Levier, Morgan Townsend.

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MP1 honor rolls at Windsor Manor

Windsor Manor Elementary School students who were named to honor rolls for the first marking period of the 2011-2012 school year are:


Grade 6: Brianna Lehr, Nicholas Tabb and Shani Trebatoski.

Grade 5: Colleen Gasswint, Caitlin Horn and Joshua Reigart.

Grade 4: Samantha Ferrari, Sophia Kohajda, Alyssa Lutz, Nicholas Rizzo and Kylie Rohrbaugh.

Grade 3: Melanie Levier and Morgan Townsend.

Grade 2: Olivia Baeschlin, Nathan Blouse, Ashley Diaz, Dylan Donagher, Faith McDonald, Jourdyn Reisinger, Cadie Nation, Francesca Rizzo, Antonio Toro, Emma Billets, Devin Blair and Laci Ferrari.


Grade 6: Alexa Bush, Ashley Crouse, Denny Dennison III, Tanner Horne, Hailey Inguanti, Madeline Moore, Bryce Smith, Zoe Strine, Kiera Cox, Cole Gipe, Isabel Lewis and Zakee Sailsman.

Grade 5: James Blauser, Chantel Downs, Emma Flaharty, Grace Gulley, Cade Hamilton, Jenna Kline, Mackenzie McEowen, Brandan McKinley, Bryce Rothlisberger, Brooke Stern and Amity Torro.

Grade 4: Doneasha Abrantes, Caryn Barshinger, Cory Beaverson, Brooke Donagher, Ethan Johnston, Madison Kress, Micah Paules, Nathan Schmuck and Falon Smith.

Grade 3: Johnathan Baublitz, Sebastian Benz, Riley Dehoff, Christian Dennison, Raymond English, Thomas Grieger, Ian Hargreaves, Kirstin Huster, Cassidy Rohrman, Lakelyn Smith, Lydia Stokes, Hannah Thibodoux, Jazzlyn Tracey, Zachary Uffelman, Ryan Williams and Toni Witherspoon.

Grade 2: Breanna Cox, Isabelle Dinger, Karlie Huster, Caitlyn Lighty, Ravyn Rothlisberger, Riley Good, Faith Hiss, Chase McGuire and JoHanna Shaffer.

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6th-graders earn presidential awards

Eleven Windsor Manor Elementary sixth-graders recently received Presidential Academic Awards, signed by President Obama, for outstanding academic achievements.

The students are:
Alexis Andujar,
Tori Austin,
Arielle Blevins,
Gena Carter,
Stephanie Healy,
Dennis Kohajda,
Madison McGuire,
Dominic Rothlisberger,
Zachari Townsend,
Taylor Waga,
Lindsay Wilhelm.

In order to qualify for the prestigious award, students must have scored Advanced/Advanced or Advanced/Proficient in reading and math on the Grade 5 PSSAs. They must also have maintained a 3.5 final grade point average for Grades 4 to 6.

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MP3 honor rolls at Windsor Manor

Windsor Manor Elementary School students who were named to honor rolls for the third marking period of the 2010-2011 school year are:


Grade 6: Tori Austin and Stephanie Healy.

Grade 5: Ashley Crouse, Denny Dennison, Cole Gipe, Brendan Kilgore, Brianna Lehr, Zakee Sailsman, Bryce Smith and Nathan Tubb.

Grade 4: Colleen Gasswint, Caitlin Horn, Jenna Kline and Bryce Rothlisberger.

Grade 3: Alyssa Lutz, Nicholas Rizzo and Falon Smith.

Grade 2: Kirstin Huster, Melanie Levier and Morgan Townsend.


Grade 6: Alexis Andujar, Echo Beard, Connor Billetts, Arielle Blevins, Anastasia Cather, Camden Gipe, Shawnee Hamilton, Dennis Kohajda, Madison McGuire, Zachari Townsend, Taylor Waga, Lindsay Wilhelm and Natalie Woods.

Grade 5: Angelleah Bonczek, Alexa Bush, Arrielle Fitzgerald, Tanner Horne, Hailey Inguanti, Alianna Nation, Nicholas Tabb and Seven Snell.

Grade 4: BobbiJo Billetts, Kaci Cunningham, Chantel Downs, Emma Flaharty, Grace Gulley, Cade Hamilton, Jessica McDermott, Mackenzie McEowen, Brandan McKinley, Brooke O’Brien, Brooke Stern and Amity Toro.

Grade 3: Doneasha Abrantes, Caryn Barshinger, Mallory Cather, Brooke Donagher, Hunter Downs, Katrina Downs, Samantha Ferrari, Ethan Johnston, Sophia Kohajda, Madison Kress, Micah Paules, Kylie Rohrbaugh, Luke Shaffer, Lauren Uffelman and Cory Beaverson.

Grade 2: Sebastian Benz, Keirra Bray, Riley Dehoff, Christian Dennison, Raymond English, Thomas Grieger, Ian Hargreaves, Devin Lewis, Kevin Ollivett, Lakelyn Smith, Lydia Stokes, Hannah Thibodoux, Zachary Uffelman and Ryan Williams.

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MP2 honor rolls at Windsor Manor

Windsor Manor Elementary School students who were named to honor rolls for the second marking period of the 2010-2011 school year are:


Grade 6: Tori Austin and Steph Healy.

Grade 5: Denny Dennison, Brianna Lehr, Zakee Sailsman, Bryce Smith and Nicholas Tabb.

Grade 4: Grace Gulley, Caitlin Horn and Bryce Rothlisberger.

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MP1 honor rolls at Windsor Manor

The following students at Windsor Manor Elementary School have been named to honor rolls for the first marking period of the 2010-2011 school year.


Grade 6: Tori Austin, Gena Carter, Sean Collins, Stephanie Healy, Madison McGuire and Taylor Waga.

Grade 5: Denny Dennison III, Brendan Kilgore, Brianna Lehr and Bryce Smith.

Grade 4: Caitlin Horn, Colleen Gasswint and Bryce Rothlisberger.

Grade 3: Alyssa Lutz, Nicholas Rizzo and Falon Smith.

Grade 2: Raymond English and Melanie Levier.


Grade 6: Justin Alston, Alexis Andujar, Arielle Blevins, Tyler Bosserman, Anastasia Cather, Raymond Dinger, Arrianna Fitzgerald, Camden Gipe, Shawnee Hamilton, Dennis Kohajda, Lynaya Poch, Dominic Rothlisberger, Taylor Smith and Natalie Woods.

Grade 5: Caleb Aultz, Angelleah Bonczek, Alexa Bush, Arrielle Fitzgerald, Cole Gip, Chanika Johnson, Tanner Horne, Hailey Inguanti, Zakee Sailsman, Zoe Strine, Nathan Tabb and Nicholas Tabb.

Grade 4: Chantel Downs, Emma Flaharty, Grace Gulley, Cade Hamilton, Jenna Kline, Jessica McDermott, Mackenzie McEowen, Brandan McKinley, Brooke O’Brien, Brooke Stern and Amity Toro.

Grade 3: Doneasha Abrantes, Caryn Barshinger, Mallory Cather, Brooke Donagher, Katrina Downs, Samantha Ferrari, Ethan Johnston, Sophia Kohajda, Madison Kress, Micah Paules, Kylie Rohrbaugh, Lauren Uffelman.

Grade 2: Sebastian Benz, Riley Dehoff, Christian Dennison, Thomas Grieger, Ian Hargreaves, Kirstin Huster, Tristan Sawmiller, Lakelyn Smith, Lydia Stokes, Morgan Townsend, Zachary Uffelman, Ryan Williams and Toni Witherspoon.

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December cinquains

Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, a fifth-grade teacher at Windsor Manor Elementary, submitted these December cinquains.

By Brandon Zeigler
Patience, Tepid
Sitting, Waiting, Shouting
Hunting is my hobby

By India Zumbo
Santa Claus
Jolly, Fat
Eating, Flying, Delivering
Brings presents
St. Nicholas

By Karlie Seiple
Cool, Awesome
Slipping, Sliding, Riding
Falling on my butt

By Nick Johnson
Holiday, Chilly
Snowing, Sledding, Snow ball fighting
We do not have school

By Caitlyn Morfit
Frozen toes Camo
Shooting, Waiting, Walking
Love hunting on Christmas

By Tyler Tate
Cold, Fun
Throwing, Building, Making
I Need a Shelter

By Lyndsey McClain
Beautiful, Sweet
Relaxing, Decorating, Believing
Jesus was born today

By Aila Klinedinst
Snowy, Cold
Sledding, Snowball Fighting, Shopping
Love everything about December

By Christina Tucker
Windy, Cold
Blowing, Snowing, Sledding
December is really fun

By Alex Price
Snowy, Frosty
Freezing, Sledding, Hunting
Opening presents on Christmas

By Ariel Harris
Mary, Joseph
Giving, Bowing, loving
There is Jesus Christ

By Noah Ervin
Christmas Tree
Spiky, Fragrant
Amusing, Relazing, Comforting
Gives me Christmas Spirit
Pine Tree

By Taylor Reidel
Fun, Crackly
Unwrapping, Playing, Smiling
Under the Christmas tree

By Kaitlyn Olechnowicz
Presents, Family
Cooking, Stockings, Unwrapping
Santa comes to town

By Jac Gemmill
Rough, Tough
Running, Throwing, Catching
My sport to play

By Tyler Burkett
Snowy, White,
Flowing, Cooling, Snowing
Snowy powder in sky

By Doug Wagner
Fun, Joyful
Opening, Eating, Playing
Put train under tree

By Ryan Snell
Terrific, Fun
Celebrating, Eating, Caring
Presents under the tree

By Debbie Paules
Cold, White
Freezing, Sledding, Snowing
Slide on the snow

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Flock, The Turkey

Daniel A. Overmiller submitted this Thanksgiving story written by one of the students in his fourth-grade classroom at Windsor Manor Elementary.

By P.H.
“Flock, The Turkey”
Once upon a time there was a turkey named Flock. One day Flock saw a big sign, it said “Biggest Thanksgiving Meal Contest” held November 24, 2008. Flock entered the contest. He had to compete against three other people, Dock, Bob, and Lucky.
Lucky made a middle-sized turkey and lots and lots of stuffing. Dock made a small turkey and mashed potatoes. Bob made lots of mashed potatoes and a big turkey with corn. Flock had a huge turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and stuffing.
A week later, the judging day came. The judges were surprised of how much Dock brought. “Oh no,” Flock cried. There was one more person in the competition. She only had a turkey and some corn. The judges began to discuss what each person had made. When they got to Flock, they said, “Real nice job” (very quietly).
The next afternoon, it was snowing outside. Bob did not want to go out in that. “Yes, it was canceled,” said Bob.
The next afternoon, they all went to the judges house. The judges had already made up their minds.
Later that evening, the judges gave the speech. “Here are the final results: 5th Place is Dock, 4th Place is Daisy, 3rd Place is Bob, 2nd Place is Lucky, and 1st Place is Flock.”
Flock was so happy he celebrated with Lucky, Bob, Daisy, and Dock. They all lived happily ever after.

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Our Houses: Using Nouns

Student in Colleen Riffert’s fifth-grade class at Windsor Manor Elementary were inspired by their houses to write stories featuring the creative use of nouns.

Emily L.G.
You may think my house is cool but not if you lived there. Let me tell you about my house.
In my house I have a mommy and a cat. The name of my cat is London, and her nickname is Poopy. I just call my Mommy … um … um … Mommy!!!
My cat lives in a cage in the garage. Our garage is sort of messy, but we can still fit the car in there. In our living room, we have a TV, a couch, recliner chair, and a smaller TV. We also have the desk of my mommy and the computer. Whenever I get on the computer nowadays I always get on Webkinz. All I have is a bunny though.
Anyway, in my bedroom I have tons and tons of my valuables, lovables, memorables. Then there is my bed, which has another bed under it that I can pull out. In our kitchen we have our precious fridge that holds (gasp!) … mostly just vegetables that my mom eats and little treats for me. My moms room is just about as messy as mine. The only difference is that as many valuables that she has, that is how many stuffed animals I have. As all houses do, our house has a bathroom. We have three medicine cabinets. One is for getting ready in the morning, Mom for work, me for school. The other two cabinets hold band-aids and that kind of stuff. Your house is probably cool, but I like my house just the way it is.

Blake C.
My House
If you saw my house you would go crazy. Ok here we go. First, off I have three major places in my house. One major place is my room where I sleep, do homework, play, and read. The second room is the living room. The living room is important because it has a lot of stuff in it like TV, PS2, Wii, and pictures of my family. Ok, one last room I am going to talk about it is my basement. My basement is the biggest room in the whole house. Also it has all kinds of stuff like a desk, bed, chair, computer, table, and a TV. Ok that is all about the rooms, but there is more to talk about like people and pets. The first person is the boss of me; it is my aunt. She is really fun and awesome once you get to know her. Next person I am going to talk about is my younger brother named Martin. Once you get to be his friend he is not shy any more. Ok, it is time to get to know one of my pets. It is my cat; he is soft and cute. Ok, that is all my reasons that my house is awesome.

Ryan R.
My House
Hi, my name is Ryan. I am going to tell you some things about my house. First here is my mom, dad and my dog Coby. My mom is the cleaning type and my dad is the project type. But the dog is just plain crazy type. The kitchen is where my dad always is at so he can do a project or cook. But my mom is always in the computer room, but I do not mind. We also have a workout room, which my mom and my dad and I go to workout. Finally, some stuff that I like to play with: my dirt bike, which I am very good at driving, plus my TV, which is like my master. Now, my videogames, which I am playing all day. Those are some places, things and people in my house.

Macy O.
My Interesting House
There are so many things to do, see, hear and so much more in my interesting house. One of the things in my house is the fridge, which is so clean that you can see it glisten in the sunlight. We also have a stove that can burn so hot that the flames are blue! We have a TV with such great color that it is like watching your favorite shows in a movie theatre. We have many places in our house like the bathroom, which is so unorganized; it takes an hour just to find your toothbrush! We also have a kitchen that smells so good; it smells like we just baked a pie! We also have four bedrooms and they all have their own style like polk-a-dots, ladybugs, stripes, and much more! There are definitely people in my house. Those people are, my sister Lily who is 6 years old, my brother who is 14 years old, my mom who is 33, and my dad who is 33 also, and last but not least me and I am 10 years old. My house is very clean and it is all because of my mom. My mom is constantly cleaning so that the things in my paragraph are always clean. These are some of the things that you can see, hear, do, and much more in my wonderful house!!!

Zachary B.
People, Places, and Things In My House
These are some people, places, and things in my house. Some places in my house are the bathroom and most of the time it really stinks. Normally, I feel hypnotized because of the stink. There is the bedroom where I get lost in all the mess. There is the kitchen where it smells soo good because my mom makes a lot of good food. The living room is stuffed with furniture so its like climbing up a mountain. Some people in my house are my brother Seth, who is a big drama king; my dad who is always pooped out when he gets back from a ten-hour workday. My mom, of course, just does work around the house when Seth and I are at school. Some things in my house are my football, which is my favorite sport; my Xbox, which you have to slap me to get me to stop. I have a goldfish named Flippy, because he loves to flip in his fish bowl. I sleep on my bed that you have to flip over to wake me up. The food that my mom and dad make tastes like they are master cooks. As you can see some people, places, and things at my house can be pretty weird sometimes.

Courtney S.
My House of Fun
My house has a lot of places, people and things and I would like to share them with you. My house has a gym and it has a TV, weights, treadmill and more. It is blue, red and white, the colors of the Giants (because my parents are BIG fans of the Giants!). My gym was not always a gym, it used to be a garage. I have 4 pets: 3 dogs and 1 hamster. My oldest dog is Babe and she is 16 years old. My second oldest is Pebbles and she is 2 years old. The youngest is Bam-Bam and he is 1 year old. Last, but not least, is Rugrat and he is 2 years old. Now to the room that is the best one in the whole house (in my opinion). My room is blue and it has a flat screen TV. My wall has a lot of posters and I have a homework desk so I can do my homework. Next room, which is upstairs living room. It is mostly African style. It has lions, elephant, monkeys and giraffe. It also has a red couch, a TV and a big window. My parents room is next. Their room is Chinese and they have a big bed and Chinese words all over their wall (it is so cool). The downstairs living room is my second favorite room in the whole house. It is Indian style and there are two couches and two fu-tons. Last but not least, is my sister Brittanys room. Brittanys room is downstairs. Her room is pink and it has a lot of makeup on her makeup stand. Finally, who I live with, I live with my Mom, Dad, Brittany, Babe, Pebbles, Bam-bam and Rugrat. That was some of the people and places and things in my house. The End

Brianna W.
My House
My house is cool because of all of the places and things to see. Here is one thing that is in my house, my dog, she is a yellow lab. She is very nice to people. There is also a fridge in my house, it is white and very tall. There is a stove in my house too: It is a big black and white stove. Here is another item in my house, it is my TV. It is big and silver. There is also some beds in my house. There are three big beds in my house. There are two flights of steps in my house, one to go downstairs and one to go upstairs. Now about the awesome people in my house. My mom is in my house. She is really funny to me when she is in a good mood. My aunt is in my house to: She shows me how to draw a lot. It is fun to draw with her. Here are some places that are in my house. One is my upstairs there are two rooms upstairs. One of them is my playroom and the other one is my aunts room. My next room is my living room. It is very warm feeling to me. The next thing is my bedroom. It has two hamsters and a bed in it. And last but not least it has a basement. The basement is set up for Halloween because we are having a Halloween party. That is what is in my house.

Chico G.
My House
Here are some details about my house. I have a PSP that, if the volume is up the highest and you have the headphones in, you will think you will go deaf! I have awesome games for my PS2. My living room takes up half of my house. My house is in a quiet neighborhood. I live with my mom and she is the nicest woman I know. There are some details about my house and other things. I hope you liked my details.

Kevin G.
My home
Welcome to my home, it is so cool. My TV is so cool it is very large. My PS2 is fun to play all the time, over the weekend. All my toy cars are fun to play with because I have all kinds. The bathroom is the smallest room to be in. The DVD player is good to look at. The food my mom makes is good that I scarf it down. My basement is so sweet to hide in. All my books are cool to read at times. My fridge is cool to have in my home. All the boys and girls are in my home too. My sisters are cool like me. My bed is like an old bed. I like my home to be warm. This is my home. You are going to have fun at my home.

Jennifer B.
My House
Here are some of the things I have in my house. I have a kitchen that is really small. In the kitchen there is a stove/oven that is a little bigger than a washing machine. Then we have a very small refrigerator that is stuffed with food! Then we have a bathroom, my mom and Dads room and my room. Let me tell you about my room. Well, I share a room with my sister which our room is always messy. I try to keep it neat though. It is a really small room so you can tell my house is really small. My house is really boring. That is what my house is like.

Caroline S.
There are so many things in my house and here are some of the things.
First I have a Mom whose name is Michelle. Next I have a Dad whose name is Tom. Then I have two very BAD cats named Suzanne and Juliea. Here is one thing in my house a BIG TV. Also my bed is old and white. There are so many BOOKS in my house I cannot count. My room is PURPLE and BLUE, also it is small. The MAN ROOM is in the basement where my dad hangs out and naps. The bathroom is mine and it is green. These are some of the things I have in my house.

Angel A.
My Awesome House
Inside my house I have lots of awesome things to see and do. One of the things I have in my house is rooms or places. One of those rooms is my game room. My game room has a pool table that is a pretty color burgundy. My game room has a lot of cool and fun games. Some other places in my house are bedrooms. The bedrooms in my house are my room, my sister Taylors room, and my mom and dads room. The other rooms in my house are the kitchen, dinning room, and the living room. Those rooms are all down stairs, on the second floor. The last two rooms in my house are the bathroom and the attic, which are all upstairs on the top floor. The people that live in my house are my wonderful parents, my mom and dad. The other people that live in my house are my sisters Taylor and Belle. Taylor is my older sister and Belle is my younger one. I also have two pets in my house. I have a dog and a cat. Their names are Cuddles and Mittens. In my house I also have things and one of those things are DVDs. I have a book that names all of the DVDs and how many we have; we have about 300 DVDs in our house! We also have toys in our house but my sister and I share a room so we have most of the toys. We have about 500 toys! Those are some of the things in my house.

Nikol S.
My House
I have a lot of people, places, and things in my house that I am going to tell you about. First, some things in my house are my immense TV in my immense bedroom. Also, there is a bookcase the size of my dresser. My dresser is kind of small but on my dresser is an immense mirror. Some other things in my house are my immense boxes. It almost touches my roof. I was so glad that I got it for free. My TV is also immense it is black and dusty. Next, some places in my house are my bedroom, which is the biggest bedroom. It is the best room in the house, in my opinion. My living room is my second favorite room in the house. My bathroom is the best place in the house for all of us. Last, there are some people in my house, which are my mom, who is taller than me. My brother Aaron is eight and autistic. Also my cat, Olive, is two years old and sometimes mean but I still love her. Now you can tell I have a lot of people, places, and things in my house.

Christopher B.
My House
My house has so many things to see and places to go, it might take a day to see everything. First my room has the best hiding spot and so many interesting sports things. My sisters room is boring to me but I do not know what you would think. My moms room is really boring. My living rooms are awesome, one has a comfy sectional and the other has a Wii.
My house has 6 living things. They are my mom, my step-dad, my sister, my dog Abbey, my dog Deuce and I. My dog Abbey loves me and sleeps in my room. My dog Deuce lives in my house wherever he feels like.
My house has many things. My favorite thing is a autograph book of the 1978 Orioles. My favorite item related to football is a sticker book from 1982; it is awesome. I love my football and baseball card collection that has been estimated around 10,000 cards. See I told you it would take a day, but you did not listen.

Anthony B.
My Awesome House
My house is so awesome that I am going to tell you stuff about it. One of the places in my house is my all white bathroom. It is so hypnotizing that I almost fall asleep. In my bathroom there is a toilet, bathtub and a sink. My bedroom is really, really dark because it is dark green and it has a super small TV and a creaky wooden bed. Also my basement is one of the best places in my house because I have a wii down there and a couple of games. My sister likes to play the most boring game that we have which is Cooking Mama. My brothers favorite game is Madden 09. Shadow my dog always lies down in front of my parents immense TV. Also in my living room there is a table, couch and a chair, which is the best ever. My step dad is always in the chair and my mom is always on our old couch. I almost forgot about my kitchen, which has a completely white fridge and a dark black microwave plus a stove, which is always dirty. That is basically all about my house.

Elizabeth G.
My House
You would never believe how small my house looks on the outside because it has so many neat and immense items inside! Plus lots of noise making people and animals! The first thing I hear in the morning is bark, bark, woof, meow, meow, hiss, whimper. I have two dogs and their names are Cocoa and Brownie, both of those girls are nuts. Also, I have a cat and her name is Neon because of her neon like eyes! Anyway in my living room I have a television and it is enormous. Also, in my living room I have a Nintendo Wii with lots of games. When you walk into my room you see a giant mess! Plus you will also see two laptops, one is black and one is white and blue. It looks like a tornado came through there. I have five bedrooms in my house, one is mine, one is for my little brother Lee, one is for my step-brother Tyler, one is for my mom and my step-dad and the last one is a guest room. My little brother Lee is smart, tall, five years old and annoying. Tyler is my step-brother, he is ten years old but a lot taller than me even though he is six days younger than me. My moms name is Laura and she has short hair and is a very sweet person. Michael is my step-dad, he is a very tall man, goofy and caring. Those are the neatest and coolest things and people and animals in and around my house.

Brie L.
The Best House Ever
I am going to give you a sneak peek of my house, yes, me Brie L. The outside of my house is a very sun bright yellow. I am going to tell you what some things are in my house. Our TV is about as old as I am. My sisters room is covered in toys. The stove we have is about two years old. The fridge is like six years old. My mom is a hero to me. My sister to me is the most annoying little girl. Her name is Caitlyn L. Citcat is my cat I love her with all my heart. Our kitchen was remodeled in 2005. My room is really messy. That is all the time I have, see ya.

This is a tour of my house. My house has a hot tub in the upstairs bathroom, it is amazingly good to have when stressed out. The rooms are a mess. We have two cats whose name are BOBO and YUNA and a dog whose name is CHARGER. Our garage has two cars, they are nice. Our shed is also a mess. The computer room has a giant desk in the room and a nice computer. We have a small backyard but it does have a swing set and a hot tub. Our house is white. Our kitchen has a nice refrigerator and everything a regular kitchen has. And that is my house!

Mackenzie R.
My House
My house has so many people places and things to see, it will blow your mind. My brothers get our room so dirty! I go crazy and our room smells like dirty feet. My mom is nice because she cooks for us. My dad is nice because he takes us to the park. My room smells so bad that I have to put an air freshener in it for it to smell good. My bathroom is so clean it even blows my mind. My kitchen is so clean it sparkles. My dog barks so loud you can probably hear her a mile away. My fridge is so cold it feels like ice touching your hand. My TV is so bright it will hurt your eyes. Now you can see that my house can blow your mind.

Josiah J.W.
My House
My house has so many rooms I even got lost in it. Let me kind of give you a tour! It has fifteen rooms in it. First there is my room, it has one loft bed and a regular twin bed, a TV, also four dressers. Across the hall is my mom and dads room. It has a king bed and a giant closet. Down the hall are a bathroom and an office. To the left is my living room, it has a thirteen-inch TV and three pieces of furniture. Then if you hang a right there are stairs. Also, we have a kitchen with a giant fridge and two counters. Then, if you take the stairs down, you can go to another left or right. If to left, you get my karate room, it is blank but I do karate in it. After that room is my band room. I play the bass, drum, piano, and the bongos, that is my favorite room. If you go to the right at the stairs you get my dining room and living room. Then to the left there is my game room. My sisters room is next, I do not go in there. Well that is the tour of my house.

Jada C.
Person, Place or Thing at My House!
These are people, places and things at my house. Well, I would like to start off with all the people at my house. I am going to start with my mom. She is loving and she is very helpful. She is very cool! I would say she is the coolest mom ever! Now, my dad, he is the man of the house. But do not be fooled, he cannot cook. My sister, she is annoying sometimes but I still love her. My brother, he is a brat but sometimes he is nice too. So do not get in his way and he will not hurt you. Now, I am going to talk a little about the places in my house. I am going to start with my bathroom. It has a shower, a sink, and a toilet too. Now, I am going to talk about my bedroom. Well, it is in the attic but it is not dirty up there at all. It is roomy and cool. My mom and dads room is in the middle of the house. They have a very nice room. It is very interesting in their room. Next, the living room is the family room. That is where we have all the sleepovers! The basement has spiders and sometimes millipedes in there. It is gross and just disgusting. Now I am moving on to my radio. I love my radio so much I could not live without it. I would freak if my radio were gone. Now, my mp3 player is very, very cool because I can take it places. Well, that is my entire story, bye.

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Halloween Stories!

These Halloween stories were written by fourth-grade students in Mr. Daniel A. Overmiller’s classroom at Windsor Manor Elementary.

Natalie W.
The Halloween Family

There was once a family, long gone by now, but it all started when Mom Halloween met Dad Halloween. They met at the scariest party ever. They would eventually marry, stay together, and had Daughter Halloween.

They became grumpy, all the time Mom was grumpy. Everyday when Daughter Halloween went to school, her teacher Mr. Overmiller always caught her playing tricks on him. Mr. Overmiller did as much as he could, but she did not listen. Mom Halloween was always trying to get a job in the Scaring Kids Company, but she was not scary, she was ugly. Dad Halloween was trying to make them broke by spending all their money, because he was born stubborn.

One day they were broke and on that day Daughter Halloween went to school. Mr. Overmiller said, “Would you please be good?” “Sure, why not,” so she was good. Mom Halloween got the job, but Dad realized that he wanted at least a good piece of the money. They were not wealthy, but they were not poor.

They finally were happy again. I hope?

Stephanie H.
The Jack-O-Lantern That Came To Life

Once upon a time, during Halloween, a six year old boy made the happiest looking jack-o-lantern in town and won a first place ribbon for it. Then, the night came to go trick-or-treating. The boy and his parents went out to go trick-or-treating and left the jack-o-lantern next to the candy on the front step.

When the boy and his parents got to the end of the street, the jack-o-lantern came to life! Whenever a kid came by to get some candy, the jack-o-lantern ate them whole! At 9:00pm that night, the boy and his parents came back to the house and sat on the front step. Then, the jack-o-lantern ate them whole too!

Many people became worried about where their relatives had gone. Neighbors were also wondering why that house still had Halloween decorations up. The candy was still out and the jack-o-lantern had not withered a bit. All the little boys friends and the parents co-workers got worried about them to the point that they went to their house and found the car there. They never found the family. That is the story of “The Jack-O-Lantern That Came To Life.”

K. Patrick H.
The Biggest Pumpkin Ever

One day the mayor of Pumpkinville announced some big news to the village. “There will be a contest for the biggest pumpkin held next Tuesday. Whoever wins will get a prize,” said the mayor.

Everyone went home and planted pumpkin seeds. By Friday, the pumpkins grew. The pumpkins of Sam and Bush were middle-sized, but the one grown by Philip was huge! Mine was smaller.

Finally, Tuesday came. “Time for the winner,” said the mayor. It looks like Philip is the winner. The mayor gave him a big chunk of cheese. Everyone had hot chocolate, donuts, and danced around the pumpkin.

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Halloween is so neat

This Halloween poem was written by a fourth-grade student in Daniel A. Overmiller’s class at Windsor Manor Elementary.

By Jena Everett
Little creatures run around in the street
Carrying bags of tasty sweet treats
You ring the doorbell, something says BOO!
And out comes green, slimey GOO!
You scream
Your face is as white as whipped cream
As you go to bed,
You realize that you are scared to death
Your gravestone says R.I.P.
You grab your grip
Pulling and pulling, the people panic
Your heart is sinking like the Titanic
You say, “AAHHGGG”
Your dad breaks his coffee mug
Everybody runs screaming, “I want my mommy”
You wake from the dead really grumpy
Your best friend says, “You are a zombie”
Your skeleton breaks like you are clumsy
You run over the people in your way
Finally, a creak of light shows that it is day
Your bones go back to your gravestone like two
Piecces of paper glued
Your mom screams, “Are you in a bad mood?”
You rest in peace
That is why I think Halloween is so neat!

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Creative Use of Adjectives

Students in Miss Colleen Riffert’s fifth-grade class at Windsor Manor Elementary have been learning about adjectives and creating descriptive paragraphs. They wrote these choose-your-own-topic stories based on what they learned.

Macy E. Owens
My Exiting Halloween Night
I could feel the excitement building up inside of me and I had a hunch that this was going to be the most exciting Halloween night so far. I could see spooky Halloween decorations and kids running around in their crazy costumes, as I trudged out onto the noisy yet crowed streets. I could smell the candy and the crisp cool air in the late Halloween night. I could feel the grip on my heavy candy-bag and the roughness of my glittery costume on my sweaty skin. I could taste the crisp cool air and the candy as I ate it walking down the stifling streets. I could here the kids yelling and screaming, “Trick-or –Treat!!” and their sneakers shuffling against the sidewalk. By the time I got home my bag was overflowing with candy. I was extremely exhausted but this was the spookiest but the most tiring Halloween night by far!!!!

Emily L. Getty
Halloween Candy
Halloween is tied with Christmas at the top of my favorite holidays list, and I just can’t wait! It hadn’t taken long to get my costume on, as I had already bought it. I was going to be a butterfly for Halloween, a monarch butterfly. My costume was a little bit itchy, but I didn’t care, because I couldn’t wait to see that candy filling up in my bag. Finally, I heard my mom pull up in the lane. My mom loves to see me happy, so she said she would come home early to help me get ready. When I heard the lock turn and the door open, I flew out of the room straight into my mother’s arms. She smiled, probably happy to see that I’m already prepared. So we hopped in the car and drove to the place where we would be trick-or-treating. It only took us about five or six minutes to get there. My mom and I strolled down the concrete sidewalk, looking for the houses with lights on or people outside. Pretty soon, my bag was heavy, so we went back to the car and drove to another part of town. We got a second bag for me and started off again. Once more my bag got heavy, heavier than the other one. Good thing we brought more than one extra bag. We went to three other parts of town, filling up my bag to maximum each time. Finally, my mom said it was time to go and I agreed. I was totally exhausted. While we drove home, I fell asleep in the car. My mom woke me up and we went inside. I laid down on my bed, while my mom brought in the bags of candy. When I woke up the next morning, I was a little confused. Then I realized what had woken me up. There was candy all over my bed and I saw my mom’s leg disappear out of the doorway of her bedroom. I got up, ran into her room, and jumped on her bed. Mom rolled over and smiled at me. I hugged and kissed her a super duper lot. It was the best Halloween EEEVVVEEERRR!!!!!

Mack Ramos
Giving my dog a bath
Giving my dog a bath is so hard because she is so tiny. She splashes and it makes a terrible sound. She keeps getting shampoo in my mouth! I try to spit the shampoo out, but she keeps getting shampoo in my mouth. She never stops trying to escape from the bathtub. She never stops trying to scratch me. I hope you do not have to give your dog a bath.

Kevin Glatfelter
I ran the big track today; it was a Friday. I ran and ran the track. It was fun to run. The people are yelling for me and I was the fastest one on the track. I can smell hot dog a minute away. I hear the cheering and I can taste the water and food. I can taste the sweat. I got first place on the race and I was the best one on the track. I got to run on the track for a week. It was cool. The girls were next on the track. I was the best boy ever.

Nikol Siple
The Ultimate Game Of Dodge Ball.
I’m going to tell you how the ultimate game of dodge ball began and ended. I just got hit in my face with a sweaty bright red ball. On the bright wooden floors was a whole crowd of children in rough uniforms with a terrible smell of sweat. The taste I got from the uniforms was nasty it always taste like rotten sweat. When that was happening I could hear extremely loud yelling and the bright balls bouncing with people grabbing the balls. When they were grabbing the balls their shoes were squeaking as loud as they have ever been. I could also hear very disturbing cheering because when I leaped in the air they were screaming so loud that I missed the person I was going to bang the ball into. The team was done because all their people got hit with bright red balls, which meant they were out. That’s how the ultimate game of dodge ball began and ended.

Anthony Brooks
The Ultimate Football Game
One cold, rainy day we played a football game against the Steelers. I smelled the fresh air as I stepped out of my step-dad’s car. As we walked down the steep hill I saw the referees in their black and gold shirts blowing their shrill whistles plus I heard the loud, roaring wind against my helmet. I felt dizziness as I went down the hill and the buzzer on the clock went off for the other game. Then I tasted the nasty rubber, mouthpiece. Just then it started to rain and it felt wet and cold. When we started to play I heard the huge crowd yell and the other players cheering their team on. Then they had the ball and I saw their black and gold uniforms and they threw the ball. They caught it and my team watched the brown ball as they fumbled it. As I came off the field I smelled and felt the sweat pouring down my face as I drank my freezing, cold Gatorade. As I went back on the field the first play I got knocked over as I heard the shoulder pads hit and I tasted the nasty grass and they scored a touchdown but we won 19 to 8.

Courtney Sparrow
My First Roller Coaster Ride (The Comet)
On my first trip to Hershey Park, I went on my first ride and I was really scared. My family and I walked up to the roller coaster line and I was shaking and I could hear the other people who were already on, crying so loud. Before I knew it, the roller coaster came to a stop right in front of me and it was my turn (oh no!). I could hear my heart beating as I sat down on the soft, ripped, sweaty seat. The roller coaster started and I held on my mom. I was thinking that this was a mistake and I should have stayed with my dad. As it started to get faster and faster, I could hear other kids on the roller coaster crying and saying stop. I could see other people on other roller coaster and people in front of me waving their hands in the air. I felt the wind going though my long blonde hair. I could feel my sweaty hands on the bars of the roller coaster. My eyes were closed and I knew it was never going to end. I could smell the fear of everyone on the roller coaster and my fear too. After that, I opened my eyes and I could see that it was soon over. Then in my mind I thought that it was not so bad, so I put my hands in the air and my mom laughed. Before I knew it the roller coaster was over. So I got off and I said to my mom that I don’t know what I was thinking, that was so fun! So my first trip to Hershey Park and my first ride was so fun! THE END

Jada Nichole Caruso
The Interesting Thanksgiving Dinner
The most fun and coolest Thanksgiving dinner was two years ago. I can hear the forks and spoons hitting the glass plates. It sounds like a big band of instrumental people at our table. I can smell the sweet smell of homemade pies. I taste the warm potatoes going down my throat. I see a big feast of food. I smell the delicious turkey cooking in the oven. I can see everybody eating the feast. I taste the sweet, sweet yams. I taste the turkey’s hot broth. I smell the never-ending smell of the turkey on the table. I can touch the turkey while I’m ripping parts of the leg off. I can see the candles glimmering on the table. I can hear everybody talking to each other. That’s way I think Thanksgiving is so interesting.

Angel All
The Dolphin Watch
The first dolphin watch I went on was the best one. As we loaded up on, I could smell the fresh salty air as I sat down on the brown old seat in the back of the boat. All I could hear was the screaming and shouting of the excited people. When everybody was loaded up on the boat the captain came on the old microphone. But I couldn’t understand a single thing he said so I geuss they were having difficulty. I could only hear old rickety sounds with some voices of the captain. As we cast off in to the ocean I could only hear the old rickety sounds of the motor. We were going so fast that I could feel and taste the fresh salty water from the ocean. Once we were about five long loud minutes out in sea and all I could hear was the excited people and I didn’t understand why, and then came the cameras and I could only hear the clicking noises. Then I ran over and I saw about ten feet out dolphins jumping up and down. I was so excited I was jumping up and down and then grabbed the camera and got some really cool pictures. The ride was about two hours long and it was the best experience of my life because it was fun and I had tears in my eyes. That night was the best, we saw about thirty awesome dolphins. Me and my family loved it.

Jennifer Barshinger
The Basketball Game
One cold Saturday I had to leave my warm home. It was the day I had a basketball game at the high school. I could taste the sweat on my red face as I was running up and down the court. I could see the white net as I look up and the straight lines on the floor if I look down. I could see black and gold jerseys and people sitting on the bleachers. I could smell the snack stand and the sweat on the other players. I could feel the heat in the gym and the rough ball as it was passed to me. Then I heard people cheering because I made a basket! It was a great game.

Zachary Barstow
Steelers Football Game
At the Steelers game there are a lot of things to taste, feel, see, hear, and smell. Some things you smell are the cheesy smell of nachos, the yummy and salty smell of soft pretzels and the heavenly smell of coffee. Things you see are black and white colors of the referee’s jerseys and the colors of the Steelers jerseys. You see the screaming fans in the bleachers. Some things you taste is the sweat dripping down your face, you taste gum if you have gum with you. You hear a lot of things like the whistles of the coaches; sometimes you hear cotton candy machines. You feel some things like the football when you catch or throw the ball, you feel the jerseys, shoes, and pants when you put them on, and you feel the grass when you play. That’s what happens at a Steelers football game.

Caroline Smith
The first game this season was fun. My team smelled fresh new paint on the field and it was nauseating. Green Machine player 76 (that’s me) the hot sweat was running down my face. The coach was yelling at us to run, run, run, up the long field. The goalie could feel the ball when she caught it in her sweaty hands. We could see all of our friends and family as we sprinted past them on the long field. Finally, the loud whistle relieved us all. We could hear the other team boasting that they had won.

Christopher Balbier
My First Tackle Football Game
I really enjoyed my first tackle football game. I felt nervous, excited, and anxious as the football game began. As I stretched I could have never guessed the outcome of the game. I couldn’t believe that I was starter because I joined the league late.
When we started I lined up against a giant offensive tackle in a white jersey. SMACK, we hit shoulder pads and he kept me back from the quarterback then I heard a screech of the whistle. When we stopped them and got the ball back and I went to the sidelines where I saw the shiny orange first down markers. They stopped us and we went back out but before I did I took a drink of disgusting warm water. This time I was match up with a different person much smaller, thank god, and after a little we stopped them again and there was a buzz from the scoreboard the first quarter was over. After the break I was disappointed to have to put that icky mouth piece back in but I was having fun.
After half time I kind of got hurt. I got in my stance and I could feel the dry grass on my fingers. The play started and I went to where the tackle was being made and tried to strip the ball from behind but was landed on, it hurt. After that I was taken out and went to stand with my dad and step-dad on the brick colored track and then on the sidelines. I was kind of glad to be out of the game but I was also disappointed to be out. When the game was over it was a dead tie 0-0. That’s how I enjoyed my first tackle football game for Red Lion.

Blake C.
My Favorite Football Game
The most amazing game I’ve ever been to my whole life was a Raven’s game. LOOK! It was an amazing play by Ray Lewis. Also, the crowd went wild when Joe Flacco ran that nice touchdown. Right before Joe Flacco ran the touchdown, he threw it to Derrick Mason and it was another touchdown. Wait until you hear this, the referees called touchdown but one ref called it a penalty on the Ravens for an illegal block. Everyone was yelling after that call. You should have been there because their food was so good and smelled so good. The whole entire game was awesome. Well that is why it was my favorite game.

Elizabeth Gable
The First Day of School
You’ll never guess what happened to me on the first scary, but awesome day of fifth grade! Everything on that day changed my strange life. When it’s time for me to go to my instrumental class, I get my golden saxophone out. I feel the rough reed rub against my tongue and my lip. As soon as I get near the cafeteria I smell the exhilarating cafeteria foods. When we slowly walk back to the classroom I spot colorful and encouraging posters and signs. Then I noticed a huge black board and white and yellow chalk. During science class I suddenly realized that there where lots if informational maps crowding the front of the room. Everyone in the room was swallowing and furiously gulping down water from their water bottles, it was noisy. When reading class came up everyone was having constant conversation instead or reading. The down side of this exiting day was, I had mouth surgery three days before school. I could not smile or laugh for a whole entire week! Over all it was a great day though. When I came home we had my favorite meal, steak, mac and cheese and corn and mashed potatoes! It was one of the greatest days of my life!

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