Remembering Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve
By Amani Weary
Grade 1, York Township Elementary

One day there was a horrible snow storm and it was Christmas Eve.
When the snow storm was over the little girl named Amani got cocoa.
She loved the wintertime, but now it was time to go to bed. She was excited for tomorrow!
Tomorrow was Christmas!

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York Township poets share their creations

Mrs. Brittany Brown submitted poems that were written by students in her third grade class at York Township Elementary, Dallastown Area School District.

By Quinn
Cold as ice
Sticky as glue
Melting, melting, melting
Then plop! On my new clothes!

The wind
By Max Saffell
The wind is very powerful.
I can see the trees waving to us in the wind.
I wave back to them.
I want to run and play
but our teacher is holding us back.
I want to scream but I can’t.
I watch the leaves jump up and run.

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D-town Wildcat inspires mosiac art project

Students in Angela Markey’s art class at York Township Elementary demonstrated their school spirit and artistic talent by creating mosaics out of the Dallastown Wildcat. They used marshmallows, wood, leaves, crayon papers, sequins, clay, cereal, and more to create two-dimensional or three-dimensional mosaics. Local art teachers served as judges, selecting winners based on creativity, effort and detail. The top three third-grade winners are, from left, Ella Rowe, Katie Clegg, and Danika Moose.

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Grade 3 ‘techies’ make expo presentation

York Township Elementary third- graders, from left, Ella Bernstein, Caroline Wentz, Trevor Myers and Eli Pison attended the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference at the Hershey Convention Center & Lodge, presenting how their class is utilizing technology.

Secretary, Community and Public Relations Secretary,
Dallastown Area Educational Foundation

York Township Elementary students Caroline Wentz, Ella Bernstein, Trevor Myers, and Eli Pison attended the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo and Conference (PETE & C) at the Hershey Convention Center & Lodge. Accompanied by K-3 Building Technology Instructor, Cathryn Marsala, and classroom teacher, Brian Smith, the students presented how their third grade class is utilizing Moodle, an online learning platform, and Web sites such as Shelfari, to enhance their learning.

They spoke about how they use discussion forums to share the books they read and chat rooms to synchronously discuss what they are learning while reading texts or watching videos. Students were most excited about viewing the STEM project where middle school students created robots, and the elementary schools that presented their broadcasting projects.

They also had the opportunity to walk around the vendors exhibition and tried out the latest technologies available, such as the new SMARTboard that allows more than one student to work at a time and the new Augmented learning program, Letters Alive, which is a great tool for kindergarten students to learn about letters, words, and sentence construction in 3-D.

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