MP2 honor rolls at Shrewsbury Elementary

jd-greatjobShrewsbury Elementary School students who were named to honor rolls for the second marking period of the 2012-2013 school year are:


Grade 6:

Ashton Adams, Carly Attig, Katlyn Baer, Barbara Barrett, Leigha Brown, Anna Bryan, Brandon Cain, Brittany Dao, Theresa Falzone, Jordan Futrell,

Jayla Galbreath, Riley Gartrell, Aaron Gibbs, Dylan Helsel, Thomas Hoopes, Alyson Houska, Angelica Hunt, Elizabeth Johns, Ashtan Kall, Trevor Leuba,

Taylor McCord, Brandon Milano, Ryan Myers, Alex Nadobny, Luke Pruitt, Matthew Sharkey, Dustin Shipley, Aalyna Silva, Alyssa Stranathan, Lily Teal and Connor Woods.

Grade 5:

Ian Achterberg, Julianna Baibos, Spencer Beran, Cassidy Bolio, Amber Brose, Ian Brusse, Emma Burns, Allen Clapp, Daniel Clapp, Keeley Coyle, Michael Daiuto, Caroline Folfas,

Benjamin Gillispie, Andrea Hebel, Christopher Moss, Ryan Orndorff, Sean Orndorff, J.C. Owens, Natalie Thomas, Mateo Vega and Cole Weigard.

Grade 4:

Emily Beran, Hannah Bertholdt, Jacob Calp, Kelsey Custer, Mia Dills, Michael Fisher, Hunter Fultz, George Huffman, Julianna Kessler, Emma Khoury,

Sarah Manuel, Alexandra Marusko, Savannah Mowen, Amelia Nadobny, Samuel Pugliese, Haylie Silva, Nicole Stenley, Natalie Wentz and Carson Williams.

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Students excel in geography bee

Students in grades four, five, and six at Friendship, Southern, and Shrewsbury elementary schools recently participated in the National Geographic Society’s National Geography Bee.

From Southern Elementary are, from left, Mary Nolan, third place; Jack Bauer, first place; Mia Kobylski, second place; and Mary Dankosky, assistant principal.

From Southern Elementary are, from left, Mary Nolan, third place; Jack Bauer, first place; Mia Kobylski, second place; and Mary Dankosky, assistant principal.

From Shrewsbury Elementary are, from left, Lisa Boyer, assistant principal; Jacob Calp, second place; Luke Pruitt, first place; Andrea Hebel, third place; and Jodie Sauers, principal.

From Shrewsbury Elementary are, from left, Lisa Boyer, assistant principal; Jacob Calp, second place; Luke Pruitt, first place; Andrea Hebel, third place; and Jodie Sauers, principal.

From Friendship Elementary are, from left, Mary Dankosky; Matthew Sisler, second place; Martin Schroeder, third place; and Jedidiah Brummett, first place.

From Friendship Elementary are, from left, Mary Dankosky; Matthew Sisler, second place; Martin Schroeder, third place; and Jedidiah Brummett, first place.

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Three great poems from an SES student

By Connor Woods
Age 11, of New Freedom,
A Shrewsbury Elementary School student

The Beach
We went to the beach.
When we got there, there were a lot of people.
But I didn’t mind, for I was glad to be there.
I got to smell the fresh, sweet air.
To feel the nice, light ocean breeze.
To feel the warm sand underneath me, tickling my toes.
When it was lunchtime, my family sat down on the towels to eat a delicious meal.
After that, we went in the water to play in the waves.
When it started to get dark, my mother decided it was time to leave the beach and go home.
I was sad to leave, but I had a great time.

Long ago, there were no computers, television, cellular phones, or telephones.
But today, we use them to watch sports, news, weather, movies and cartoons.
We also use them to check and write our emails.
Finally,we use them to call our friends and family.
In the future, there’s going to be a lot of technology around the world

We drink water everyday to get hydrated.
Plants need it in order to grow
We swim in oceans and pools.
We even take showers and baths with it.
No matter what it looks like, salt or fresh, we still use it for our everyday use.

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Southern York students perform in song fest

Southern York County School District students from Friendship, Southern, and Shrewsbury elementary schools performed in the Pennsylvania Music Educators District 7 Elementary Song Fest on March 31 at Cocalico Middle School in Denver, Pa. Students were chosen by recommendation of their choir teachers to perform in the festival, which includes singers from 42 different elementary and middle schools in York and the surrounding counties.

Shrewsbury Elementary singers are, from left, Jordan Osborne, Jade Reall and Michaela Elsen.

Southern Elementary singers are, from left, Kate Burgess, Emma Day, Melinda Yeh and Danielle Simpson.

Friendship Elementary singers are, from left, front row, Francesca Wright and Michaela Bryan, and back row, Laurel Manion and Samantha Bechtel.

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SES kindergartners celebrate with a food drive

Chelsea Haridat counts and stacks her food items.

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa – Students throughout the Southern York County School District recently celebrated their 100th day of school with decorations, costumes, and projects. Kindergarten students at Shrewsbury Elementary School also participated in a community service project that combined observing the 100th day with helping people in need.

Matthew McNicholas groups his donated foods.

The students collected canned goods and other nonperishable foods for the Southern York County Food Pantry. From canned soups and vegetables, like corn and carrots, to pasta, spaghetti sauce, macaroni and cheese, and pancake mix, more than 220 food items were collected.

“Students talked about the idea of sharing food,” Instructional Assistant Barbara Kroner said. “They also counted and sorted the foods to incorporate math lessons with the many food items that were donated.”

During the collection period, just the kindergarten families donated the food items.

“My class brought in 84 items and Mrs. Schiding’s class was a super close second with 83,” Kindergarten Teacher Michelle Johns said. “The children grouped the food items by tens and we counted them. They also lined some up according to height and sorted a group of ten in their own way.”

The Southern York County Food Pantry is a co-op effort of 35 churches. For more than 30 years it has provided needed goods for area families. Once the items are donated, they get separated by food type and stored until they are needed. Southern Community Services helps distribute the food.

Kindergarten students and teachers dressed as 100-year-olds.

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Winners named in elementary geo-bee

geo-bee, southern

Southern: From left, Josh Alwine, Michael Torbert and Katie Heiser with assistant principal Mary Messner.

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa. – Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 at Friendship, Southern, and Shrewsbury Elementary Schools participated in this year’s National Geography Bee.

Following a qualifying test, the students from each class then proceeded to the preliminary round competition, where they answered questions on U.S. geography, state geography, American cities, continents, world capital cities and cultural geography.

The top 10 students proceeded to the final round of competition to determine the school winners. The National Geography Bee is an educational program of the National Geographic Society.

geo-bee, shrewsbury

Shrewsbury: From left, assistant principal Lisa Boyer, Alec Kramer, Connor Woods and Kyle Orndorff, and principal Jodie Sauers.

From Southern Elementary, winners are Michael Torbert, who came in first place; Katie Heiser, who placed second; and Josh Alwine, who finished third.

At Shrewsbury Elementary, the winners included Connor Woods, in first; Kyle Orndorff, who placed second; and Alec Kramer, in third.

The winners from Friendship Elementary included Ryan Pugaczewski, who placed first; Nick Standiford, in second place; and Steven Burchett, who finished third.

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geo-bee, Friendship

Friendship: From left, Nick Standiford, Ryan Pugaczewski and Steven Burchett with assistant principal Mary Messner.

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Students learn from food drive

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa – Sixth-graders at Shrewsbury Elementary School recently learned the meaning of philanthropy by participating in a food collection project. They accumulated, packed, and donated hundreds of nonperishable items for the Southern York County Food Bank. From pancake mix, pasta, peanut butter, and canned goods to brown paper bags, several boxes were packed with goods for the holidays.

The students spearheaded the food drive, making signs and morning announcements, as well as sending letters home that asked for the donations.

“We started the project because we were learning about the concept of philanthropy in our BizTown unit,” teacher Karen Deluca said. “We decided to actually do something philanthropic, instead of just talking about it.”

Besides advertising the food drive, the students also helped to collect bags of food from each of the classrooms, and boxed up all of the donations, she added.

“I am sad for the families who aren’t getting enough food,” Caity Minor said. “I love to help.”

Although the project lasted just one week, students in every grade contributed to the effort. They also helped to load the pantry truck with the items on collection day.

“The students collected a lot of food for such a short period of time”, sixth-grade teacher Lisa Kline said.

Students said they were inspired by all of the collection efforts. “It felt good to help all of these people,” Kevin Tanner said.

Students who participated in the food drive are, from left, front row, Kevin Tanner and Jordyn Cato; middle row, Danielle Griffin and Chris Coulson; and back row, Caity Minor, Jason Witt, Jacob Cropper, Kee Moss, Ben Stevens, Gwen Bundy, Nell Pugliese and Brittany Boone.

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Johnny Appleseed visits first-graders

Dale Keagy portrays Johnny Appleseed.

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa – Johnny Appleseed surprised first grade students at Shrewsbury Elementary School recently, when he wandered into their playground. A lost Appleseed was traveling to Ohio to plant his apple trees and needed help with his map and directions.

Each fall, Appleseed (otherwise known as Dale Keagy, retired District Business Administrator) takes a break from his travels to visit and entertain the elementary students.

“We take the kids outside on the playground and he comes walking through the grass with a pot on his head, carrying a bag,” First Grade Teacher Rebecca Cohenour said.

Appleseed entertains the students with songs and also shows them the items in his bag, which include his harmonica, a bugle, a bird caller and a bag of apples.

“He talks with the children about his life and then he chants the song, We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” First Grade Teacher Erica Allen said.

Dale Keagy portrays Johnny Appleseed.

Keagy has been performing as Appleseed for about 25 years. “I started doing it when I was asked to read the Johnny Appleseed story to the first graders as a part of the folklore unit,” he said. “I thought that it would be more interesting if I did in costume. Then I added a few songs and some musical accompaniment.”

Students act out with sounds and hand motions, Allen said. Throughout the visit, Appleseed accidentally hits his head with his pat/hat, which makes the students laugh.

“I try to add a few new things each time, Keagy said. “I use a harmonica, a bird call, and a tin whistle. I still tell the story – the folk tale part and the true part.”

During the last week of September, the students study a unit on apples, Cohenour added. “Johnny Appleseed’s birthday is on Sept. 26, so we learn about him at this time.”

First-graders also celebrate with an Apple Day, Allen said. As part of the language arts curriculum, each teacher prepares a special “apple” activity and then classes rotate so that the students complete different apple activities with each first grade teacher.

“Johnny is always our ‘opening act’ on that day,” Cohenour said.

Students enjoyed the visit and presentation from Appleseed, the teachers said. They even wondered if he was the real Johnny Appleseed.

“Over the years, the students have been remarkably consistent,” Keagy said. “They know I’m not the real Johnny Appleseed, but they like pretending that they do.”

Dale Keagy portrays Johnny Appleseed.

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Wal-Mart enhances Shrewsbury classrooms

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

The Shrewsbury Wal-Mart recently surprised 10 teachers at Shrewsbury Elementary School, when their names were randomly selected in a drawing. Each teacher received a $100 gift card, which they will use to purchase materials that will enhance their classrooms.

Grace Hansen, Wal-Mart community involvement coordinator, surprised the teachers at the drawing with balloons and a cake. The drawing came about after store employees voted for their favorite schools. This is the third year for the program and the second year that Shrewsbury has been selected, Hansen said.

This drawing is part of Wal-Mart’s annual community donation program, she said. The Shrewsbury store donates about $20,000 each year to the community. The store also raises money for the Children’s Miracle Network through the Hershey Medical Center.

Previously, the store nominated one teacher to receive a larger reward. “We used to invite students to nominate a teacher for the ‘Teacher of the Year’ Award,” Hansen said. “That doesn’t benefit the teachers as much.”

In the past, when a teacher was selected for the Teacher of the Year Award, he or she would receive an award, as well as the school. “It’s the teacher, not the school, that makes a school,” Hansen said. “Wal-Mart wants to help more teachers.”

With this revamped program, several teachers may benefit from Wal-Mart’s donation, she said.

“We appreciate Wal-Mart’s generosity, which will provide additional resources to our schools on behalf of these excellent teachers,” said Wayne McCullough, Director of Administrative Services.

The following teachers each received gift cards from Wal-Mart, which will be used to purchase new materials to enhance their classrooms:

Melissa Havekotte, Grade 5
Audra Myers, Grade 4
Alison Reppert, Kindergarten
Becky Cohenour, Grade 1
Brooke Lesinski, Grade 5
Johanna Levi, String Instruments
Cindy Procopio, Grade 2
Kristen Mikita, Physical Education
Jill Fitzsimmons, Learning Support
Jennifer Schiding, Kindergarten.

Shrewsbury Wal-Mart randomly rewarded 10 Shrewsbury Elementary School teachers as part of its annual community donation program. Pictured are, from left, Jennifer Schiding, Jill Fitzsimmons, Audra Myers, Becky Cohenour, Principal Jodie Sauers, Wal-Mart representative Grace Hansen, Brooke Lesinski, Alison Reppert and Melissa Havekotte.

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American Legion donates dictionaries to students

American Legion Commander Bob Ketenheim hands third-grader Leah Nocar a book about the American Flag after she receives her dictionary.

Publications/public information coordinator,
Southern York County School District

Glen Rock, Pa – The American Legion in Glen Rock recently provided a dictionary for every third grade student in the Southern York County School District. The Legion, which is comprised of the American Legion, Sons of the American Legion and the American Legion Auxiliary, purchased the dictionaries from the Dictionary Project, a non-profit organization whose goal is to present a personal dictionary to each third grader in the United States.

This year, the Legion distributed 240 dictionaries to third graders at Southern, Shrewsbury and Friendship Elementary Schools. Sons of the American Legion member Brian Dudley explained to students that the dictionaries were theirs to keep, use at school, and then take home at the end of the school year. These dictionaries will serve the students as they grow and go through school, he said.

The goal of the program is to assist all students in becoming good writers, active readers, creative thinkers, and resourceful learners by providing them with their own personal dictionary. For the last five years, the American Legion has given the dictionaries as a gift for each third grade student to use at school and at home for years to come, Dudley said.

“A number of you may have a relative who serves in the military,” he told the students. “Besides helping veterans, the American Legion also gives back to the community, state and nation.”

One such method is through the annual dictionary distribution. “Third grade is one of the most important grades with reading,” he said. “These dictionaries are yours to keep now and in the future.”

Third grade was selected because students are taught formal dictionary skills and how to use various resource books at this time, Assistant Superintendent Sandra Lemmon said. The dictionaries, Webster’s Dictionaries for Students, were chosen by the District and will also serve as a general resource for students. They provide students with rules of grammar, maps of the United States and other countries as well as U.S. history events, the Declaration of Independence, and branches of government. In addition, the dictionaries also provide information on weights and measures.

“We greatly appreciate the support and partnership the American Legion has demonstrated over the years in providing our students with this valuable resource,” Lemmon said. “The gift is a book of knowledge the students will be able to keep with them throughout their school career.”

In addition, students received a book about the story of Old Glory, the American Flag, which explains the proper care, respect and disposal of the flag.

“The flag symbolizes our country and how our people fought hard for our freedoms,” Dudley said.

Third-graders from Southern Elementary School pose with their new dictionaries along with members of the Glen Rock American Legion, Post 403. Featured in the back row are, from left, Principal Donna Koval; teacher Bobbie Blasdell; Assistant Principal Mary Messner; and Legion members Larry Hollabaugh, Jean Hollabaugh, Brian Dudley, and Commander Bob Ketenheim.

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