We Know Little About Penn State Heading into Big Ten Play

Posted by on September 30, 2011

We don’t know much more today about how Penn State’s season will go than we did at the end of preseason practice.

We knew then Penn State would play two quarterbacks for the indefinite future.  That the Lions weren’t nearly good enough to compete against national title contender Alabama.  That Temple was going to be a tough game.  And we would learn nothing from the other two extra home games.

All we really have learned since then is that Temple really is pretty good (just ask Randy Edsall), and the Lions will have to play without their best defender, Michael Mauti, the rest of the year.

What’s also been confirmed is PSU’s defense must carry this team.  Which makes Mauti’s loss that much tougher.

It’s clear whether Matt McGloin or Rob Bolden ends up getting the majority of the snaps, or they keep sharing the duties, the offense is going to struggle this year.  And the special teams have been worse than the offense.

The Lions defense needs to use this game against an inferior Indiana team to learn to play without Mauti, and for the time being, corner D’Anton Lynn, who thankfully seems fine after his scary neck injury last week.

It’s imperative Penn State’s defense play well enough to keep it games if the Lions are to have any chance at finishing over .500.  The defense with Mauti was probably good enough to do that against everybody on the remaining schedule, except maybe Nebraska and Wisconsin.

The question now is whether the defense without Mauti can be that good.

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