Beaver Stadium’s Oddest Game

Posted by on November 13, 2011

Suffice it to say yesterday’s game was the strangest ever played at Beaver Stadium.  A normally joyous occasion at times had the feel of a funeral.  There was sadness for the young victims, for Joe Paterno, for the players caught in the middle of all this, and for all of us, who were wounded by what happened at and to our alma mater, or the school whose team we love.

Through it all, the fans, the school, and the team held up.  The pre-game moment of silence and prayer by both teams, the conduct throughout the game, and how the team was able to compete after this week all speak well of the character of those involved.

As for the game itself, it was pretty much what we’ve seen all year from these Lions.  The defense played extremely well.  The offense did not.  The running game sputtered as the offensive line struggled to consistently open holes against the tough Husker line.  The passing game was not good–receivers couldn’t get open against the glue-like Nebraska secondary, forcing Matt McGloin to make tough decisions.  He often made the wrong ones–taking sacks and losing a fumble when he should have thrown the ball away, forcing a throw when he could have run for a first down, and firing into double or even triple coverage to try and make a play.

But the players hung together, and made a comeback that took the game to the final play, on a day they easily could have folded, and who could have blamed them.  They played Penn State Proud.

Two other thoughts on last week.  Someone in the national media needs to ask the Penn State Board of Trustees what they knew and where they were during all this.  They are, after all, where the ultimate responsibility for the university rests.  Why are they blameless when everyone else is held accountable?

And to the advertisers who supposedly pulled their sponsorship from yesterday’s game.  What did that prove?  Like the Trustees who fired the coach on the phone, to me it proves you are gutless.  You are the corporate types who would, today, do exactly what the corporate types at Penn State are charged with doing–cover up any crime to preserve your huge salaried and business empires.  So you stuffed the ad money back in your already cash bulging pockets.  If you really wanted to do something, take that money and give it to child abuse services here, instead of buying yourselves another yacht.

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