PSU’s Flaws Exposed; Second Thoughts on Tom Bradley

Posted by on November 27, 2011

The flaws of the 2011 football team were largely forgotten in the malestrom that has been the past month.  A close loss to Nebraska and a road win at Ohio State made this season’s team seem like it had overcome all the on field woes we saw in the blowout loss to Alabama, and the clsoe wins over Temple, Purdue, Iowa, and Illinois.

Matt McGloin was maddeningly inconsistent, and his interception started the snowball rolling.  Normally sure handed Michael Zordich and Silas Redd coughed up the rock.  The offensive line actually didn’t play badly, but the receivers couldn’t get open often enough.

Maybe most disappointing was the way the defense, especially the defensive line, was handled.  Granted, the offense’s ineptness kept the D on the field most of the day, but as Matt Millen repeatedly pointed out, the Badger offensive line simply overwhelmed Devon Still and company.  Maybe the pressure of having the season on their backs all year finally proved too much.

Speaking of the TV team, I thought Sean McDonough outdid all the national journalists who have covered the mess in State College in presenting an objective overview of whether Tom Bradley should have an honest chance to be Penn State’s next coach.

McDonough said Bradley told him during production meetings this past week that he knew nothing about the alleged actions of Jerry Sandusky, and McDonough said he believe Bradley.  We all have to make our own judgement on that, but I think McDonough probably has a pretty good sense of when someone is being straight with him.

McDonough’s comments that followed I think make a lot of sense.  He said if Penn State officials have determined that Rodney Erickson, who as executive vice president and provost, worked closely with Graham Spanier, can be university president, and Dave Joyner, on the Board of Trustees for 11 years, can be athletic director, the school’s leaders are not ruling out people who were around and in positions to know something from taking on the most important posts going forward.  As McDonough said, if that’s the standard, then Bradley should be qualified to be a candidate for permanent head coach, too.

My feeling has been the administration will want to “clean house”.  But, McDonough’s comments make a lot of sense.