Lions Need to Focus on Game, Get Act Together

Posted by on December 20, 2011

The Penn State football team, I think, has handled the unbelievable year they’ve been through with utmost grace and poise.

Until this past week.

You could hardly blame this group of 18-22 year old young men for wilting under a spotlight unlike any other ever shown on a college sports team.  But they held it together, played as well as they could, and did their best to show the nation there is still much about which to be Penn State proud.

But, a locker room fight, or “incident” as Matt McGloin prefers to call it, between him and receiver Curtis Drake that resulted in McGloin falling, hitting his head, getting knocked unconscious then suffering a seizure which may keep him out of the bowl game, and backup QB Rob Bolden shoplifting a bottle of Gatorade, make Nittany Lion fans sigh.  After all we’ve been through, we just don’t need this.

The locker room scuffle is one of those things that happens.  Athletes get into it over something on the practice field, emotions boil over, and some pushing and shoving occurs.  McGloin is correct that if he handn’t hit his head and had to be hospitalized, we’d never have heard of it.  I see this as a non-issue, unless it keeps McGloin out of the bowl game.  Then it was just dumb.

The Bolden incident worried me a bit more.  Stealing anything is serious business.  That interim Coach Tom Bradley called it a prank makes we wonder if he has learned anything from what happened this year.  Okay, stealing a bottle of sports drink is a pretty minor offense, but still, you just don’t do that.

I am encourage that Bradley immediately said both players will face the student disciplinary board like any other student on campus.  That is something Joe Paterno always resisted, and that was not good.

In the scheme of things neither of these incidents is a big deal.  But these days little things mean a lot.

For the next two weeks, let’s hope this squad can focus on Houston, and try to send these seniors out with a win.

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