Rating the Recruiting Class: Get Back to me in Four Years

Posted by on February 1, 2012

It’s national letter of intent day, where high school athletes officially sign on the dotted line as to where they will get their college educations paid for, in return for playing a sport.

ESPN has created a monster, where they televise these pseudo-events live, with 17-year-old kids holding thousands of adults hostage while playing the old shell game with a group of baseball caps on the table in front of them, finally putting on the cap of the school they will attend.

Recruiting its share of blue chip high schoolers is the lifeblood of any major college football program, so this is an important day.  I’ve said before, though, and I’ll say again:  recruiting classes should be rated when they graduate (or leave school, anyway), not when they enter college.

As I said here last year, Penn State’s recent past confirms this.  Walk on linebacker Josh Hull from little Centre Hall High School was cashing NFL paychecks, while can’t miss tailback Austin Scott from big-time Parkland High in Allentown was playing semi-pro ball in the Lehigh Valley.

Penn State lost a few blue chippers with all that happened since November.  But, by most accounts, they have a decent crew coming in.  I would have liked to see a few more offensive linemen on the list, but this year’s group appears to have its share of talent.

I am also refreshed by comments new Coach Bill O’Brien made at Super Bowl media day

So, don’t get too high or too low when you hear about the late QB signee from Georgia, or the ones that got away to Urban Meyer at Ohio State. 

We won’t really know whether today was a success until about 2016.

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