What’s Worse Than Ranking Recruiting Classes? This.

Posted by on February 7, 2012

If you read my last post, or rant as some may wish to deem it, you know I don’t think there’s much more worthless than ranking college football recruiting classes.  Trying to predict how hot shot 17 and 18-year-old high school jocks will fair their first time away from home, first time in most cases facing anything close to equal competition, and having to deal with college classes versus high school is not an exact science.

But, I’ve found something worse.

CBS Sports. com apparently has nothing much to write about now that the NFL is over.

So the geniuses there came up with the list of the worst college football hires.

You’ll notice Bill O’Brien at Penn State is fourth worst.  The authors offer no criteria.  They note O’Brien faces a tough situation–no argument there.  And that he’s never been a head coach before.  Can’t argue that one, either–he hasn’t been.

But the folks at CBS have chosen to put such luminaries as Charlie Weis, Carl Pelini, and Todd Graham ahead of O’Brien.  Why?  Maybe because these guys ARE known quantities.  They are KNOWN to have failed as head coaches.

Of course, if memory serves, this is also the same website that reported Joe Paterno died a day before he did.

Maybe we should rate the worst sports websites…..

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