New QB Coach Signals Changes Under Center

Posted by on February 28, 2012

Recent comments by new Penn State Quarterback Coach Charlie Fisher indicate changes are coming to that position at Beaver Stadium.  For sure in how the position is played, and maybe in who is playing it as well.

Fisher merely stated facts when asked what he knows about the QB situation at Penn State.  He said he knows there are two people who have played the position in games for Penn State, that Paul Jones is a good athlete, and that the kids are good kids and eager to learn.

Fisher’s been there long enough to have met the players and watched a fair amount of film.  And that’s all he will say.

Maybe we’ve been deceiving ourselves these past few years to believe the situation at quarterback wasn’t really that bad.  This guy has coached Jay Cutler and all-pro receiver Torry Holt, so along with Bill O’Brien who handled Tom Brady and company in New England, this staff knows a thing or two about moving the football.

Matt McGloin has hutzpah, but at times tries to make Favre like throws.  Rob Bolden had potential, but his confidence has been completely destroyed.  Paul Jones we don’t know about.

While it would be unfair for Fisher to really know what he’s got at quarterback without ever having seen these guys even in practice, and while he will understandably couch his words, the comments he has made lead me to believe we will see a wide open competiton for quarterback this spring.

And I would think that would include any recruits who are on campus early, and very possibly any who arrive in August.

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