Paterno Field Right Move, But PSU Right to Wait

Posted by on March 8, 2012

The move to name that perfectly manicured playing surface at Beaver Stadium Paterno Field continues to gain steam among Penn State faithful.

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I wholly support the idea, but I also, for maybe the first time in this whole sad tale, agree with what the university is doing.  They are waiting until at least the investigation by former FBI Director Louis Freeh is finished.

This seems prudent.

Should this investigation reveal JoePa knew more than he claimed, or was in any way part of a cover up, the school would be in the position of having to remove his name under public pressure.  Despite all the good he did over his whole life.

I am hoping these investigations reveal that Joe knew nothing more than what Mike McQueary told him about one alleged incident.  I really am.

One other reason to hold on the naming of the field.  Should the Freeh investigation show any of the Trustees knew what was going on and participated in a cover up,  they should be removed before any public action can be taken to honor the coach the board so callously and self-servingly dismissed.

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