Blue-White, Don’t Get Uptight

Posted by on April 19, 2012

So, the Blue-White game is Saturday.  It will be different for sure, with Bill O’Brien in charge now.

Everyone will be looking to see the new, wide open offense, and how Matt McGloin suddenly looks like Tom Brady.

My thoughts are pretty much what they are every year at this time:  don’t believe most of what you see on that field Saturday, either good or bad.  And don’t worry too much about trying to remember the name of that guy you never heard of before, who made three great catches.  As in past years, you many never hear of him again.

Certainly, there will be some hints of new things to come, on both sides of the ball, and especially on offense. 

But, it’s still just a scrimmage, and this year, O’Brien and his staff will be looking to see who is grasping the new style, areas that need work , who might fit where, and so on.

Much has been positive since O’Brien took the helm.  Recruiting in my mind has gone better than expected, and to hear the players tell it, they are seeing good results from the new strength and speed training.

So, there will likely be some plays that will make Lion fans tingly with excitement Saturday, and others that cause worry as to whether these players can adapt successfully to the new system.

But, we really won’t know much more about how things are shaping up at 5 p.m. Saturday than we do now. 

Somewhere around Halloween we’ll know whether the tingles or the worries were for real in this scrimmage.

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