Could PSU’s future QB not be on campus yet?

Posted by on May 4, 2012

Since there isn’t much else to do in the time between the Blue/White game and the opening of fall practice, we speculate wildly on any utterance from Coach Bill O’Brien, or anyone else who supposedly has inside knowledge of what’s going on with the new regime in Happy Valley.

And so, I dwell at this time on what I find a curious comment from Coach O’Brien, that he knows how the quarterback situation is going to play out, but he isn’t telling anyone.

By all accounts, this guy knows quarterbacks, and that should be good news for Penn State fans.  But, is it wise to say you know who will be your starter, after saying all spring it was an open competiton among three QBs in the fold, and giving no indication during or after the spring game where things were headed?  Does it motivate the guys to work hard over the summer, when two of them know they aren’t going to be the guy, though they don’t know which two?

My thought is this was not a wise comment for Coach O’Brien to make.  If he does indeed know how things stack up, why not just keep it to himself until he’s ready to tell the team, and by extension, the rest of us, because sooner or later it will get out.  Who does that help?

It also makes me wonder if he’s considering handing the reins to Stephen Bench, the guy from Georgia who will enroll in July.  O’Brien also said he doesn’t place a lot of value on seniority, but believes in playing the best guys.

Could be he likes what he’s seen in Bench, and hasn’t seen any of the three players on the roster take the reins of his new system, and figures he’ll be ahead of the game with a guy who isn’t trying to forget the old playbook.

Or it could be none of the above.  But, these are the days of idle speculation, and so we indulge.

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