New Penn State begins today

Posted by on July 24, 2012

So the other shoe has fallen.  The NCAA has lowered the boom on Penn State football.

Four years with no bowl games, the loss of 40 scholarships over that time, and very likely the loss of some top players and blue chip recruits over the next two to three years anyway.

But, now, the school can begin to rebuild its image.  As I said earlier in this space, if the students, faculty, alumni, and sports programs work to do this, in time, that image can be rebuilt.

The four-year loss of bowls and scholarships will hurt the on field product.  But, the program can recover.  Coach Bill O’Brien continues to exude the right attitude.  Beginning with the 2014 recruiting class, students will be back in the bowl hunt when it’s their time to make an impact.  If the talent pool is depleted then, Penn State may be attractive as a place players can make a quick impression.

All in all, the sanctions are about what I expected.  Except for the vacating of wins since 1998.

Typical NCAA stupidity.  Purely punitive towards Joe Paterno.  It means nothing.  This time or any other time the NCAA has imposed it.  It just makes the organization look foolish.

At any rate, the deed is done.  The central Pennsylvania economy will not be devastated by the absence of Penn State football.  Nittany Lion fans can still fill Beaver Stadium and cheer for their team on picture perfect fall Saturdays.

The autumn leaves will just be tinged with a slight splash of melancholy among the reds and golds.

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  1. The ire against Joe Paterno and taking this mess out on the futures of men who would earn scholarships is misguided. Did they penalize the Catholic Church for all the Priest’s crimes against young children?

    Don’t they know how devious and deceitful child molesters operate? Maybe now more money and attention will come to the humanities. I doubt it. Anyway, I am still very proud of my little degree from PS York.

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