PSU fans should heed O’Brien’s call for support

Posted by on November 15, 2012

Bill O’Brien made a statement at his media briefing this week I think bears repeating.  He said:  “We need the fans of Penn State to stick with us.  This football team stuck with Penn State, and we need the fans of Penn State to stick with us at the Indiana game and at the Wisconsin game.”

O’Brien’s right.  This team came together, behind senior leaders Michael Mauti and Michael Zordich, and delivered an exciting and emotional brand of football that is fun to watch and to root for.  As are these players.

PSU faithful shouldn’t hold grudges against those players who chose to transfer.  There were wrenching times for 18- to 22-year-olds, some of whom entertain hopes of making big bucks in the NFL, and felt their chances of doing so were better on other teams.

Some of those who stayed may not have been wanted by any other teams.  But, certainly, players like Mauti and Zordich, and a good number of others, could have moved on.  Not only did the large majority of Lions not do this, they made it clear their hearts are with Penn State, and considered their handling of the situation, as well as their play on the field, would leave a lasting mark on their school, and begin to rebuild the program’s prior stellar image.

I think O’Brien deserves a lot of credit for that, too.  So, here’s hoping PSU faithful are listening to what he said. 

Show up in numbers and be loud these final two games.  Send these seniors off in the style they deserve.

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