Enjoy Blue-White game, then forget about it

Posted by on April 16, 2013

Penn State’s annual spring game is upon us.  Like all such events, it will be much talked about.  Returning players will be scrutinized to see if they are taking leadership roles.  Young players will be looked at to see if they are maturing.  That “out of nowhere” guy will dazzle everyone. 

Come August, none of it will mean anything.

It’s an intra-squad scrimmage.  The end of spring practice.  It’s hard not to read a good deal into this game as it relates to next year, but we all have to resist the temptation.

Some players won’t play.  Others are learning new positions.  Combinations are being tried.  Nobody really goes all out.

Certainly the new quarterbacks, Steven Bench and Tyler Ferguson, will be scrutinized.  Fans will look to see if Zach Zwinak still is the runner he was last season.  How is the O line shaping up?  Can the new crop of linebackers cut it?  How will Bill O’Brien use all those tight ends.

As always, this game won’t tell us much.  The coaches will break it down over the coming weeks, and no doubt glean some areas of promise they’ll want to emphasize during the season, and areas they need to work on during preseason camp.

What we really need to hope for is a nice weekend, for fans to enjoy a free entry to Beaver Stadium, and most of all, that no one gets seriously hurt.

So, drink in some Happy Valley sunshine, enjoy the day, then forget about it.

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