UM not a team to get healthy against

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Penn State needs a bounce back game after last Saturday’s collapse at Indiana.  But, the Michigan Wolverines aren’t likely to oblige.

Michigan hits Beaver Stadium at 5-0, with a win over then 14th-ranked Notre Dame under its belt.  The Wolverines have everything to play for.  And even have a bit of a chip on their shoulders.  They are unbeaten.  They are, after all, Michigan.  But nobody thinks they have any chance to beat Ohio State, win the league, or be in the discussion for a national title.

So Big Blue will come to town with all this sticking in their craw, and a mean outlook on life.  They aren’t about to let a program struggling to hang on get in their way.

Maybe they’ll overlook the little ol’ Nittanies, you think.  Think again.

This is still Penn State.  The Lions will be hungry to show last week isn’t what this season is going to be.  The game is a 5 p.m. kickoff, so it will be played mostly under the lights, and have the feel of a prime-time contest.  The fans will be in full throat, having had all day to get their vocal chords well lubricated.  The school says the game is a sellout.

Michigan will be constantly reminded that despite all PSU has been through in the past 23 months, this is still a big time program, and this is one of their two biggest home dates of the year.  A win would mean so much.

I believe, and surely hope, Penn State will come out and play with heart Saturday.  But so will the Wolverines.  Both teams will want this game, and play like it.  The coaches will coach like it, too, and maybe Penn State has an edge there.   But, then it comes down to talent.

It’s hard to imagine that edge doesn’t go to the visitors.

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