Padding to be put on concrete walls at Sovereign Bank Stadium

Posted by on March 15, 2012 in Kenny Kelly, Mike DeMark, Scott Rice, Sugar Land Skeeters, York Revolution

There’s always going to be the risk of injury in pretty much any sport. When it involves baseball, though, there are plenty of outside factors considering the type of equipment players use.

There are bats and baseballs and helmets and cleats. And for those playing at Sovereign Bank Stadium in the future, they will no longer have to worry about the concrete walls in the outfield.

Padding is set to be installed on the concrete walls very soon, York Revolution president and general manager Eric Menzer confirmed Thursday afternoon.

“In fact, it actually just arrived today,” he said.

The move is being made after Road Warriors center fielder Kenny Kelly collided with the concrete wall in right-center field as he was fielding a fly ball during a game against the Revs on June 20 (pictured above).

Kelly was knocked unconscious for about a minute. He was later fitted with a neck brace, placed on a board and taken off the field by ambulance.

Kelly suffered a concussion, three facial fractures on the left side of his face and a cut on his left shoulder and chin.

After the game, Revs manager Andy Etchebarren said it would be a “pretty good idea” to put padding on the walls. Several players agreed, including former Revs outfielder Val Majewski.
“What happened today was scary and unfortunate but that’s something that can be prevented with padding,” Majewski had said.

Currently a part of the left-center field wall and all of right-center field wall are concrete. Those sections will now be covered by padding.

“There is padding around infield sections by the bases, but those have been there since the park opened. So, obviously we wanted to match that. Once we made the decision (to get padding) we went out and got competitive pricing,” Menzer said.

Other stadium work: Among other work being done to the stadium, the club store is currently being renovated.

“It’s five years old. In retail, five years is old. There will be new carpet, new fixtures, paint and wallpaper. It will re-open in early April,” Menzer said.

Other projects at the stadium will include repairs to some cracks in the concrete on the concourse. A new pole will be installed that will help keep in place the gates in center field, which often flew open last season during windy days. The bottom-right section of the video board in right field, which often malfunctioned last season, will be replaced. Also, new tile will be put in the clubhouse showers.

Formers Revs doing well in spring training: Former Revolution relievers Scott Rice and Mike DeMark are performing well at big league spring training camp. Read more on the news at the Revs’ blogtoblogchamps blog.

Sugar Land goes green: The Skeeters posted pictures to their Facebook page of the grass being laid at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. Check them out here.

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