Revs drop finale to Skeeters

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Revs starter Jorge Martinez delivers to a Sugar Land batter in first inning play at Santander Stadium Monday, June 9, 2014. Bill Kalina -

Revs starter Jorge Martinez delivers to a Sugar Land batter in first inning play at Santander Stadium Monday, June 9, 2014. Bill Kalina –

Click here to check out the game story from York’s 5-1 loss to Sugar Land on Monday night in the series finale against the Skeeters.

Click here to check out a blog post on the Revs releasing outfielder Ruddy Yan on Monday.

Click here to check out a blog post on former Revs pitcher Mike McClendon getting promoted to the Rockies triple-A affiliate on Monday.

On top of all this news, former York Revolution starting pitcher Brett Tomko, who was released by the Royals’ triple-A club last week, has been picked up on a minor league deal by the Colorado Rockies and will report to triple-A Colorado Springs.

Make sure to check back here sometime Tuesday, as the Revs are expected to announce the signing of a solid addition to the starting rotation. Also, I’ll soon be posting a recap on how Revs alums performed in the majors/minors in the month of May, look for that later in the week.

Finally, please keep Revs’ veteran starting pitcher Corey Thurman and his father in your prayers. Thurman is currently back in Michigan with his ailing father.

Below are the post-game quotes from York Revolution manager Mark Mason. The highlight from the quotes is Mason’s thoughts on Lancaster on Monday signing former big league outfielder Ben Francisco, who was in talks with Mason on coming to York dating back to February.

Q: I talked to (York Revolution starting pitcher Matt) Neil today on missing a start after pitching a complete game on three days rest. It sounds like he’ll just miss one start?

A: “Yeah. He’s fine. Chris (Cody) is fine. (Jorge) Martinez is fine. Martinez probably could’ve went more. But I brought him back on three days rest. He was at 76 or 80 pitches. That was enough for him .We’re not gonna hurt…we had three starters come back short and had a bullpen day on Saturday in this four-game series. I’m just trying to make sure I didn’t kill the starters and then try to make sure I didn’t kill the bullpen in the process. Beau came up big on Saturday and then I was able to piece the bullpen together enough where I didn’t overwork anybody.”

Q: I was looking over the numbers. Over the last 25 games your pitchers have an ERA of 2.80 or something like that…

A: “We’ve pitched well. We’ve struggled with hitting the ball here lately to score some runs. We have to try to take some different approaches at the plate. We talked a little bit about it last night. We talked about it today. All the teams we’re facing, they’re pitching us the same way. We’re gonna have to make some adjustments.”

Q: Do you think it’s just a matter of teams seeing each other so much because you guys started out scoring a ton?

A: “In Somerset (last Tuesday) we put up 12. And then we had a couple nights where it was a close game. We’ve had some games where we score 12 or 13 runs in five or six games. That puts a lot of pressure on pitching and defense and all of that. But you go through those little swells just like you go through five or six games where you don’t miss a ball and then you go five games where you can’t hit the ball. That’s why you got to pitch. I think we’ve done pretty well.”

Q: The fifth inning double steal just trying to generate something?

A: “We were just trying to get something going. We were in a situation where we had a lot of runners on. We hit some balls pretty hard. (Taylor) Harbin played some fantastic short stop for them. He made every play. He picked balls that looked like they were by him. Line drives. He saved a lot of hits. Some of the balls we hit hard.” “We’re in pretty good shape. We have a tough stretch coming up. We have 11 out of 14 coming up on the road. We just finished 17 out of 28 on the road. Based on the amount of road games we’ve played we’re in pretty good shape.”

OF Ben Francisco

OF Ben Francisco

Q: So did you see what happened with Lancaster today? Barnstormers signed (ex-big league outfielder) Ben Francisco?

A: “Did Ben go there? They’ve been calling me for three months. I’ve been talking to his agent since February and he’s been like ‘I’m not sure. I’m not sure.’ Then we got into the end of March ‘Still not sure.’ Then we got three days from spring training and it’s like ‘He wants to play.’ Then I talked to him again and he’s like ‘I’m not sure. We just had a second baby.’ His agent has been calling me and calling me. I told him I don’t have the room. That’s somebody we could’ve had way before spring training. We could’ve had him in February. But he couldn’t pull the trigger and I couldn’t wait. That’s fine he’s over there. There’s nothing we can do about it.” “The three guys we had out there (in the outfield) tonight. Plus we have (Sean) Smith. Plus we have Eric (Patterson) who can go out there. Plus we have (Brandon) Chaves who can go out there. That’s why Ruddy Yan got released today. We need room for a pitcher and we’ll have a 25-man roster now and you don’t have the luxury of carrying extra guys. We’ll see what happens. We have six games (coming up) with Camden.”

Q: Still 29 games in 28 days and you guys are still winning and in the race (for the Freedom Division)…

A: “I took a look at the schedule today and the only teams that have been off since the 13th of May, Southern Maryland and Camden had June 2 off but then they followed that up with a double-header the next day. So all the teams have been playing since the 13th of May. That’s a lot of baseball. Tomorrow is the 10th of June, then we don’t have any off-days until the all-star break. Then we only have three off-days in the second half. The first one is not until August.”

Q: I just hope it doesn’t come back to bite with guys’ health come July and August…

A: “We did the best we could resting guys and getting guys in and out of there. That’s something that’s in the back of your mind, too. After we come off the off-day (Tuesday) we’ll have to get some guys rest.”

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