Paniagua out 2-4 weeks

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York Revolution catcher Salvador Paniagua will be out another 2-4 weeks to recover from a separated shoulder. Randy Flaum file photo.

York Revolution catcher Salvador Paniagua will be out another 2-4 weeks to recover from a separated shoulder. Randy Flaum file photo.

Below, in Q&A format, is a conversation I had with York Revolution manager Mark Mason prior to Wednesday’s game. He revealed catcher Salvador Paniagua will be out for another 2-4 weeks recovering from a separated shoulder suffered in a home plate collision. Mason also touched on the health status of reliever Mike Wuertz, who has been out of action since July 19, and the status of Wilson Valdez, who hasn’t played since Aug. 1. In addition, Mason gave his thoughts on the new pace-of-play rules.

I plan to put up an article online sometime Thursday night focusing on what effect the pace-of-play rules have had on game times across the Atlantic League that will include reactions from Mason, Revs’ reliever Beau Vaughan and Revs’ outfielder Eric Patterson. So check back here late Thursday for that.

Wednesday I was busy covering Jennie Finch’s visit to Santander Stadium. Click here to check out that article. There’s also a blog post on the full Q&A Finch had with the media before Wednesday’s game.

York lost to Sugar Land, 8-0, on Wednesday. Click here to check out the game wrap.


York Revolution manager Mark Mason:

Q: What’s Paniagua’s status?

A: “Dislocated shoulder. Popped it back in during the game.”

Q: Injured on a play at the plate?

A: “Yeah. The throw came in from right field. The throw went high. He went here to catch the ball (puts arm up in the air). He went back here and dislocated it.”

Q: So how long is he out?

A: “Two to four (weeks). It’s a non-throwing shoulder, so that’s good. But it’s the hitting part.”

Q: So that’s why you have Steve Solcoski and Angel Flores here?

A: “Yep. Plus, we have Espi (Espinosa) who can play multiple positions, too, which allows me to give some other guys some days off.”

Q: Cortes, aiming to use him as a reliever?

A: “Yeah.”

Q: What have you seen out of him thus far as far what he needs to correct?

A: “We only put him in one game. And he tried to overthrow that day. His bullpens have been good. And I know he started in Mexico so he’s built up to pitch.”

RHP Mike Wuertz

RHP Mike Wuertz

Q: Is Wuertz still inactive?

A: “Still inactive.”

Q: Do you think he’s done for the year?

A: “I don’t know. It’s hard to say. They’ve ran some tests and everything is negative. There’s nothing showing up on any of the tests. We have to figure out what we’re gonna do from here on out.”

Q: Is it elbow or shoulder issues?

A: “No. It’s not an elbow or shoulder or anything. It’s just every once in awhile he gets some tingling in here (forearm) so it makes it hard for him to get under the ball. It’s not like ligaments or nerves or anything like that because they tested all of that.”

Q: I guess Valdez we’ll say he’s out for personal reasons?

A: “Yeah.”

Q: Do you know how long until he’s back?

A: “He is flying back Friday. So he’ll be back for the weekend.”

Q: So now that you’ve had a handful of games with these new pace-of-play rules, what do you think of them thus far?

A: “We’ve played a lot of low-scoring games the first couple of days it went into effect. 2-1, 4-3. But we played a 4-3 game in Long Island the other day that I think was over three hours. That was Sunday or Monday. I’m not seeing a big difference.”

Q: And they got rid of the courtesy runner thing?

A: “Yes they did. They got rid of that before any of the other ones went into effect. It’s the only one they got out. We’ve intentionally walked one guy since Friday. And Butch intentionally walked Eric last night after a 3-1 count. And the first time that I put four fingers up in Long Island to the home plate umpire he looked me like ‘What?’ I’m like ‘He gets first base.’ That’s the only time. So counting that one and the one that happened last night…we only had 12 intentional walks all year in all of our games. So that’s not really a big deal.”

Q: I know it’s only a small sample size but are you still opposed to some of the rules?

A: “I think you should have to throw the intentional walk but that’s not a big deal to me. That doesn’t happen that much.”

Q: And the timeouts, or mound visits?

A: “The timeouts haven’t been a big deal because if catchers are crossed up and they tell the umpire that they’re crossed up with the pitcher, as long as they talk about signs they’re not charging it (a mound visit). If it’s strategy it counts. Or obviously if a coach or a manager goes out it’s automatic.”




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