Q&A: Mason begins piecing together 2015 Revs roster

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Mark Mason

Mark Mason

Every York Revolution signing leading up to the 2015 season will first be announced every Friday on WOYK 1350 AM – and then press releases will be sent out to the media. The first signings are set to be announced Friday, Feb. 6. With that being said, I caught up with York Revolution manager and 2014 Atlantic League Manager of the Year Mark Mason on Thursday afternoon at York Sports Night at Heritage Hills. Mason shared some good insight on how he has begun piecing together the 2015 York Revolution roster (i.e. his main areas of concern, if speed on basepaths and in the outfield will again be a priority, players from last season who have retired, what’s going on with starting pitcher Chris Cody, and more)….

Q: So the process has begun with putting together the 2015 roster?

A: “The process has started. I believe as of yesterday I have 17 contracts sent. I have 17 guys that have agreed. I think I have 10 contracts back already. The guys I don’t have back some of them I don’t have back you can email it to them but they really don’t have a way to scan it and send it back. So it’s like ‘I’ll send it when I get home.’”

Q: Is it anything, too, where some players are waiting to see if they’ll get any bites from big league clubs for spring training?

A: “No. I don’t think so. If we get a contract sent in and they get an invite to spring training they go anyway. So it’s not a problem for them.”

Q: When do you start doing this? First day of January?

Revolution manager Mark Mason throws batting practice during the first day of spring training at Santander Stadium Monday, April 14, 2014. BILL KALINA-bkalina@yorkdispatch.com

Revolution manager Mark Mason throws batting practice during the first day of spring training at Santander Stadium Monday, April 14, 2014. BILL KALINA-bkalina@yorkdispatch.com

A: “I started contacting guys before the holidays. Just to kind of get a feel for who would be interested in coming back.” “Like I knew (Alain) Quijano was going to retire. We actually just turned in the protected/unprotected to the list yesterday. Everybody who finished the season on your roster or anybody who got signed by a big league team (during last season) you can protect. The only three guys that I didn’t protect was Chad Tracy, and I told Chad I’m not protecting him because he’s gonna manage in A-ball. He told me he’s done playing. Quijano retired. And then Ofilio (Castro). He’s in a place where he can finally make the same amount of money to play in Nicaragua. So he’s gonna stay there.”

Q: What’s going on with Chris Cody?

A: “He’s going to Taiwan. He’s guaranteed to June 1. And he said if they don’t renew him he’ll be back (in York).”

Q: Last year around this time you talked a little bit about your team for 2014 being faster. Is there an overall theme as you build the roster this year?

A: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Pretty much the same. I think we’re gonna end up with a lot of famiilar faces coming back. I’ve already added a couple new guys that we’ll announce here in the next few days. We’re still going fast. We’re still going for speed. We did sign some guys with some power. I think we should have more power than last year as of right now. Potential power. I’ll put it that way.”

Q: Same coaching staff?

A: “Same coaching staff. Fletch’ and Polo’ will both be back.”

Q: How’s the search for pitching going?

A: “I probably have about seven or eight contracts out. And I think nine or ten position players.”

Q: And knowing you won’t have Chris Cody to start there, is getting that No. 1 starting pitcher a big priority for you?

A: “It is but we have some surprises with some guys that are coming in. I think our pitching staff will be good again. Right now my biggest concern of the pitching staff is re-tooling the bullpen.”

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