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Getting help in a fight

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 by in Featured, Portfolio | 0 comments

Imagine if you will, you’re in your mid-20s, you already have diabetes, heart and respiratory problems and your health is getting worse, if that’s possible.  The years ahead of you seem to be getting fewer all the time. You don’t want to die.

Chaz White of York looked in the mirror and decided to lose some of his 600-plus pounds.  Right– 600 pounds.  Chaz weighed as much as three grown men. Imagine putting a sack of potatoes on your shoulders that’s equal to your body weight and getting through the day. Now double it. That’s where Chaz was.

WellSpan took on the challenge of helping Chaz lose some of the weight, providing transportation, physical therapy, workout clothes before his health deteriorated any more. His family provides little support, financial or otherwise.

History is not on his side. Chaz’s father is bigger than he is.

Chaz admits the challenge is not something to be won in a month or even a year.  But with help, the weight is slowly falling off.  He’s at the Bannister Street rehabilitation center a few times a week doing exercises that most people would see as elementary, or useless. For Chaz, just get in and out of a chair is tough.  Walking up steps is even tougher.  His therapy consists of pushing a chair loaded with some weights across the floor, climbing three stairs, ‘punching’ with light weights.

For Chaz, even the simplest exercise is a chore.

But it’s working. Chaz says he’s been heavy for most of his life, but today is eating more healthy foods– and not as much. Already, his diabetes and heart problems have diminished significantly.

His goal is simple– just to get down to a normal weight where he can do ‘stuff’.  It’s what most people take for granted.

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