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Students on the fly?

Posted on Aug 5, 2013 by in Featured, Portfolio | 0 comments

080513 feeding birds collageWhen a friend saw these photos, he said they reminded him of his Penn State son that was home for the summer.

Apparently, his young Einstein constantly demands money and foodРand with no please and thank you.

The parent sparrows were constantly flying back and forth to the house to feed the screaming little ones, much like the house wrens in the two photos at top right. One parent held a praying mantis meal, the other a two-course meal on the fly.

House sparrows can hatch up to four broods in a summer, with each brood having as many as eight eggs. That’s apparently why house sparrows are everywhere. They are non-descript, ordinary backyard birds. Their song is the same.

Wrens have only one or two broods a year, and are easily picked out of the backyard bird concert by its bubbly, constant and loud song. For its tiny size, the wren packs a lot of music.


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