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Gettysburg closed for business

Posted on Oct 7, 2013 by in Featured, Portfolio | 0 comments

In addition to the more than 1300 monuments at Gettysburg National Military Park,  there are a few more dotting its landscape today. A shocking shade of bright orange, they block off access to the park’s most famous points, and with any luck at all, they’re temporary.  These pylons have closed off roads into the park, pull    offs near major monuments and are sometimes colorfully draped with yellow plastic tapes that screams “Police Line– Do Not Cross.” Along with the government shutdown comes the closing of many of the services we’ve grown to enjoy, including access to the park.gburg 3

It seems strange that a park this size can be closed, but its website is closed, as well as the streets that run through town that aren’t state or county roads. You can’t get to Devils Den, Little Round Top. Oh, you could walk, but you can’t park your car on any of the closed off little pull offs. Seems kind of silly; it seems it took more work to put up the pylons than to just let people graze as they normally would.

After seeing a tiny pull off closed by three pylons, I laughed while thinking comically about  all the cannons and monuments that would be covered. There has already been a faked internet picture of Mount Rushmore being covered up by a giant canvas that was lowered by two helicopters.gburg 1

This out-of-area couple visited Gettysburg National Military Park for the fifth time and commented that while most of the roads were closed, they saw more rangers patrolling than they’ve ever noticed before.  They hiked into some of the closed off areas (they parked their car in the grass) but were chased out by rangers. He was very polite about it all, they agreed with a slight grin.

gburg 2It just seems strange. You can’t get information about what roads are open because the websites are down.  National Geographic has a nice explanation of how the shutdown affects the parks here.



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