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Cabin fever is real, take a park walk

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

cardinal solo in tree - Copy

red head - CopyCabin fever–

icy blue jay - Copy“Winter depression and its symptoms — inactivity, crankiness, sleep loss, and simply feeling down in the dumps — is real to millions of people because of anxieties over world events that range from terrorist attacks to a shaky economy.”  — Web MD.

The York Audubon Society offers a relief to the snow, cold and general ‘down in the dumps’ feeling. Take a walk along a park’s trails to hear the breeze and birds, feel the invigorating chill and watch for wildlife. And then stop at one of two YAS blinds to sit and relax.

robins - CopyOne blind is at Gifford Pinchot State Park in the Conewago day use area on Alpine Road. To reach the blind, take the parking lot road to the left, circle nearly all the way back to the access road. Look for a small information board on the right where it tells about the disc golf course. Just beyond that is the blind. YAS fills the feeders only in winter, but you can still find hundreds of birds, including juncos, cardinals, titmice, nuthatches, woodpeckers (red headed, red bellied and downy), blue jays, sparrows and a few surprises.

cardinal smallAt Rocky Ridge County Park isjust about 100 feet from the parking lot. On Sue’s Trail under the power lines is the newest blind, built as an Eagle Scout project.  You’ll see most of the same kinds of birds, but wander the trail, it’s worth exploring.two flying birds

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