See our coloring contest finalists

On Friday, the Junior Dispatch, our website that explores reading and current events for kids, will announce the winners of its coloring contest.
The contest featured a drawing of a fox meeting a seal and was open to kids up to age 13. JD got more than 60 entries from local schools, libraries and day-care facilities, which we think is great. Of those 60, the top 10 (above) are finalists.
The coloring contest ran in conjunction with our coverage of the 2012 Iditarod and a reading project called “Little White Fox and his Arctic Friends.” Our JD Iditarod coverage always gets great readership, and this year was no different.
But we digress…onto the contest. We’ll be picking the winners today (in secret ballots, of course) and naming two co-winners for the coloring contest on Friday. Judging is based on creativity and quality of work. Each will receive a stuffed animal (a husky, Iditarod – get it?) as their prize. Check out all the contest entries in this slideshow.
More contests are coming, too: Junior Dispatch will be running a story-writing contest in conjunction with the York Libraries’ summer reading program, so keep an eye out for that announcement.
Of course, we urge you to check out Junior Dispatch every day for great stories, family-friendly videos, oodles of coloring pages and news presented with kids in mind.
Kids can even submit their own artwork and stories to the site. Find out more about that here.