What we’re working on Nov. 27

Here are the stories we’re working on today. Our daily coverage can change at a moment’s notice, but this is what we have so far. If you know of any stories we should be working on, or can contribute to something we have listed here, drop an email to the reporter listed below or to news@yorkdispatch.com.


Court roundup. Liz Evans. (levans@yorkdispatch.com)

Followup on York County budget. Christina Kauffman. (ckauffman@yorkdispatch.com)

York County library revives food for fines program. (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com)

Followup on York City school board meeting. Andrew Shaw. (ashaw@yorkdispatch.com).

York City council holds budget hearing. Erin James. (ejames@yorkdispatch.com)

Johnson Controls might move to another municipality in York County. Candy Woodall. (cwoodall@yorkdispatch.com)

State Rep. Seth Grove is moving his office. Greg Gross. (ggross@yorkdispatch.com)


Editorial: New Year’s in the city. (pdelany@yorkdispatch.com)


Penn State football column. Steve Heiser. (sheiser@yorkdispatch.com)

Big Ten presents its end-of-year awards. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Bryan Householder’s dirt-track column. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

Penn State York and York College basketball coverage. (sports@yorkdispatch.com)

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